The Houston Astros swept the New York Yankees and achieved a 119-year-old record. Dusty Baker’s team will seek to win the World Series that starts this Friday against the Philadelphia Phillies

Last Sunday night the Houston Astros achieved a historic milestone in Major League Baseball (MLB) after sweeping the New York Yankees in four games. The fourth game of the American League Series would be dominated by the ‘Bronx Bombers’ until the top of the seventh inning (5-4).

An error by Gleyber Torres gave a breath of air to the Astros who scored two runs which would be vital for the final score of the series and dust off a 119-year-old record in the Major Leagues.

According to what was published by Sarah Langs of, the Houston Astros became the team that has eliminated the New York Yankees the most times in all postseason history, something that has not been seen for 119 years.

The disqualifications were in: 2015, 2017, 2019 and 2022. The only teams that were eliminated four or more times by a single rival in the MLB, were teams defeated by the New York institution.

“The Astros eliminated the Yankees in the postseason for the fourth time (along with 2015, ’17, ’19) is the most a team has eliminated NYY. The only teams that were eliminated more than 4 times by a single opponent were eliminated by the Yankees,” Langs wrote on Twitter.

According to the expert, the Yankees have lost each of the last 5 ALCS they have appeared in (2010, ’12, ’17, ’19, ’22). Thus achieving the longest losing streak in the LCS series since the round was established (1969). Breaking a four-game tie with the Dodgers, Chicago Cubs and Boston Red Sox.

Hours before the fall of the ‘Bronx Bombers’, in the first inning, the Philadelphia Phillies came from behind with a great Bryce Harper and won the match 4-3 against the San Diego Padres, whom they dispatched in five games. Rob Thomson’s men qualified for the 2022 World Series after 13 years of waiting and made history by becoming the first team to reach the World Series after finishing third in their division.

The Houston Astros and Philadelphia Phillies will open the 2022 World Series this Friday, October 28 at Minute Maid Park.

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