An Ex-Cyclist claims She lost a Job after posing for 'Playboy'

An Ex-Cyclist claims She lost a Job after posing for ‘Playboy’

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Globe Live Media, Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Belgian athlete Tara Gins, who dedicated herself to professional cycling from 2016 to last year, forming part of the teams of the highest female category of the route discipline worldwide, such as the Lares-Waowdeals, the Health Mate or the Memorial Santos, is in the center of a labor controversy that is making headlines in his country.

And it is that the young woman has denounced having lost a job as a result of her poses in several erotic photo sessions, one of them for the magazine Playboy and another for a Belgian calendar. Gins shared some of these snapshots on her personal Instagram profile, prompting the under-23 team with which she had agreed to a contract to become sports director, finally decide not to have her.

After receiving the news, the ex-cyclist did not hesitate to publicly show her disapproval: “I had an agreement to start working in a men’s team, in which I would train with young and elite cyclists”, she explained on social media, “It was something that I expected and had always wanted to do, but someone has created a problem for some photos of me. I don’t care that the job has been canceled. It’s probably for the best.”

Gins assured that does not want to “work with those who do not see the capabilities” she has, but wanted to make her opinion clear about the whole controversy: “They were photos that didn’t hurt anyone. Apparently, they are now too inappropriate to work with brokers. It seems that a photo is more important than abilities or experience.” The young woman wanted to thank herself for the support she received, and said she was already looking forward to” leaving this behind as soon as possible.”

His message, however, did not end there. The ex-cyclist took the opportunity to reveal some unpleasant experiences suffered during his professional career. “In all the years that I have run, I have experienced many negative things with the team leaders or the masseurs. I have been attacked, literally“He confessed,” a mechanic once got in the shower with me after a workout. Another time someone on the team kissed me and I had to push that person away from me. I had very inappropriate comments from the team leaders about my appearance, my weight, what they wouldn’t do to me if I looked different.”

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