Alianza vs Fortaleza: result, goals and summary of the blue and white defeat by Copa Libertadores 2022

Alianza vs Fortaleza: result, goals and summary of the blue and white defeat by Copa Libertadores 2022

Alianza Lima vs Fortaleza: match for date 5 of Group F of the Copa Libertadores

Alianza Lima vs Fortaleza: The blue and white team lost 2-0 against ‘Tricolor’ this Wednesday, May 18, at the National Stadium for the penultimate round of Group F in Copa Libertadores 2022. Fortaleza beat Alianza with goals from Moisés at 16 minutes of the first half and Yago Pikacho at 80′, which meant victory and qualification for the Copa Sudamericana.

In addition, the ‘Tri’ has the option of fighting for second place and access to the round of 16 of the Copa Sudamericana. For its part, the blue and white team ran out of chances to continue in international competitions, they kept one point and will be last in their group. On date 6, Alianza collides with River Plate at the Monumental de Buenos Aires. Meanwhile, Fortaleza defines with Colo Colo in Santiago.


Alianza Lima faced Fortaleza for date 5 of Group F of the Copa Libertadores


MIN 90+5: End of the match.

MIN 85: Yellow card for Ballón (Alianza) for a foul on Romarinho.

MIN 80: Strength goal! Iago Pikachu increased the count 2-0 against Alianza.

Pikachu scored the second in Alianza Lima vs Fortaleza.

MIN 76: Change (Fortaleza) Juninho enters to replace Crispim.

MIN 75: Changes (Alliance) enter Darlin Leiton and Aldair Fuentes in place of Lavandeira and Vílchez.

MIN 74: Ugh! Lavandeira’s shot (Alianza) demanded the stretch of the Fortaleza goalkeeper.

MIN 72: Cabezazo de Lavandeira (Alianza) inside the area, in the hands of porter Marcelo Boeck (Fortaleza)

MIN 69: Changes (Alliance) Miguel Cornejo and Cristian Benavente enter to replace Concha and Rojas.

MIN 64: Substitutions (Fortaleza) enter Robson and Romarinho to replace Moisés and Kayzer.

MIN 60: Change (Alliance) enters Arley Rodríguez to replace Edgar Benítez.

MIN 57: Ugh! Lavandeira (Alianza) shot from outside the area and the ball passed near the right post of the Fortaleza goal.

MIN 56: Ugh! Kayzer (Fortaleza) shoots and goalkeeper Campos (Alianza) catches the ball.

MIN 54: Uf Yago Pikachu (Fortress) was encouraged to define and his shot crashed into the crossbar of the Alliance goal.

MIN 48: Ugh! Barcos (Alianza) missed a clear chance on goal with a shot inside the area, without scoring, but it went over the crossbar.

The Argentine striker wasted a golden chance for the ‘intimates’ against the Brazilians for the Copa Libertadores. | Video: ESPN

MIN 47: Yellow card for Marcelo (Alianza) for a foul on Wilmer Aguirre (Alianza)

MIN 46: The second half started.

MIN 45: End of the first half.

MIN 38: Vílchez (Alianza) with a header almost equalized.

MIN 32: Rojas (Alianza) finishes with little luck on the visiting team’s goal.

MIN 29: Tarjeta amarilla for Pablo Lavandeira (Alianza) for foul on Lucas Lima (Fortaleza)

MIN 23: Christian Ramos (Alianza) with a header created danger on the Fortaleza goal.

MIN 21: Lucas Lima (Fortaleza) tries, but his shot has no direction.

MIN 17: Fortaleza goal! Moisés opened the scoring 1-0 against Alianza Lima.

Moisés opened the scoring in Alianza Lima vs Fortaleza.

MIN 06: Moisés (Fortaleza) tries long distance, but without direction.

MIN 05: Crispim’s shot (Fortaleza) from outside the area goes very wide with respect to the Alianza arc.

MIN 03: Benevenuto’s header (Fortaleza) goes by very little.

MIN 01: The game started.


Lima Alliance: Ángelo Campos, Yordi Vílchez, Jefferson Portales, Christian Ramos, Renato Rojas, Jairo Concha, Josepmir Ballón, Edgar Benítez, Pablo Lavandeira, Wilmer Aguirre and Hernán Barcos.

Fortaleza: Marcelo Boeck, Tinga, Benevenuto, Titi, Yago Pikachu, Philip, Lucas Lima, Jussa, Crispim, Moses and Kayzer.


The ‘intimate’ team arrives with good feelings for the clash against the ‘cariocas’ after managing to extend their good run of results in League 1 to six consecutive victories: UTC, Universitario, Cantolao, Carlos Stein, San Martín and César Vallejo. In addition, he chained five duels without losing in both competitions he faces in the first half of the year.

However, the ‘victorianos’ have a pending task in the Conmebol tournament. They need to win their first match in the competition to cut the negative record of 26 duels without victories.

Likewise, beyond the historical streak, Alianza Lima has the obligation to win to stay alive in the Libertadores or maintain the chances of qualifying for the round of 16 of the Copa Sudamericana. The first two of the group continue on their way, while the third goes to the second tournament.

Hernán Barcos and his desire to break the losing streak in Copa Libertadores

Alianza Lima achieved a 1-1 draw against Colo Colo in Lima in their recent match for the Libertadores. In this way, it remains in last place in Group F, Fortaleza, the rival on duty, is third with four points. The Chilean side follows with seven and the leader is River Plate with 10 points.

The importance of the 3 points against Fortaleza lies in the fact that it could define their classification for one of the tournaments on date 6 and definitively, as long as River Plate defeats Colo Colo at the Monumental stadium in Buenos Aires.

Alianza Lima coach Carlos Bustos would make a variant regarding the lineup of the victory match against César Vallejo. The inclusion of Edgar Benítez in replacement of Arley Rodríguez. In addition, defender Pablo Míguez would remain on the substitute bench and Jefferson Portales would remain behind.

Cristian Benavente scored against César Vallejo and added his second goal in League 1

Cristian Benavente scored against César Vallejo and added his second goal in League 1
Lima Alliance: Fields; Vilchez, Ramos, Portales, Rojas; Ballón, Concha, Lavandeira, Benítez; Aguirre and Boats.

Fortaleza: Marcelo Boeck, Tinga, Philip, Marcelo Benevenuto, Ceballos, Lucas Lima, Yago Pikachu, Lucas Crispim, Hercules, Rosemary and Moses.

– Mexico / 9:00 p.m.

– Perú / 9:00 pm

– Colombia / 9:00 p.m.

– Ecuador / 9:00 p.m.

– Chile / 10:00 p.m.

– Paradise / 10:00 pm

– United States (Miami) / 10:00 pm

– Venezuela / 10:00 p.m.

– Bolivia / 10:00 p.m.

– Uruguay / 11:00 pm

– Argentina / 11:00 p.m.

– Brasil / 11:00 p.m.

– Spain / 4:00 am (May 19).

– Argentina / Fox Sports y Star+.

– Chile / Fox Sports 1 y Star+.

– Bolivia / ESPN.

– Paraguay / ESPN and Star+.

– Peru / ESPN and Star+.

– Uruguay / ESPN and Star +.

– Colombia / ESPN 2 y Star+.

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