• The Dominican Albert Pujols achieved his mission and reached the historic figure of 700 home runs in the MLB, thus placing the icing on the cake for what is already his imminent entry into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Dominican Albert Pujols has put the ‘icing on the cake’ of his legendary career by achieving the feat of hitting 700 home runs in MLB, a figure he reached this Friday in one of the most emotional ways possible, against his former team, Los Angeles Dodgers.

Albert Pujols didn’t want to wait long between his 699th and 700th home runs, as he hit them in consecutive at-bats and innings, off pitches from Andrew Heaney and Phil Bickford, respectively.

With these hits he joins Barry Bonds (762), Hank Aaron (755) and Babe Ruth (714) as the only players with 700 or more homers. With the exception of Bonds for his questioning of the use of prohibited substances, the other two are part of the Cooperstown Hall Of Fame.

With less than 10 games to finish the regular season, the now historic Dominican, managed to reach the round figure that was missing to adorn what has been a career worthy of admiration, on and off the field.

After these two home runs, the 42-year-old player can boast of finishing his Major League career with 700 or more home runs, more than 2,200 RBIs, more than 1,900 runs scored, more than 100 stolen bases, an average of .296 and an OPS of .917.

Likewise, in his 22-season career, he was elected National League Rookie of the Year, won two World Series, was Most Valuable Player (MVP) three times, was selected 11 times for the All-Star Game, won six Silver Bats, two Gold Gloves and was batting champion in one season.

Dodgers gave gifts to Pujols before the feat

It should be noted that prior to this historic game, the Los Angeles Dodgers paid tribute to the careers of Albert Pujols and Puerto Rican Yadier Molina, who are retiring at the end of this campaign. The Californian team gave them some gold bags with the logos of the teams where they have played.

Likewise, Pujols dedicated some heartfelt words about his career and thanked both the Dodgers and his fans for having been part of it.

In case this wasn’t enough to give the Dominican the emotional boost necessary to achieve this important milestone, his compatriot and friend Adrián Beltré joined the pre-match party, who sat in the VIP behind home plate and with whom went to celebrate after connecting the historic homer.

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