Surely this is the strangest news you will read today about Xbox, in this case it is not about an attack of his living console or anything similar, nor about this soccer player hitting his console as if it were a ball, it is something more surreal if it fits. Can you get injured playing Xbox? The answer is yes, this is what has happened to the English League Two player, Courtney Baker-Richardson.

Courtney Baker-Richardson missed the last league game due to injury, he is his club, Crew Alexandra. He was unable to participate in the match, so far everything was normal, what was not normal was his way of getting injured, since it happened to him playing on his console, in this case playing on his Xbox.

He gets injured playing his Xbox

The club explained the reason for the 26-year-old player’s injury, an injury that seems complicated and, at the same time, quite strange how it was done while playing:

  • He was injured at home while playing on his Xbox. He caused a muscle injury when he quickly extended his leg on the couch while playing, in doing so he made a sudden and unnatural movement that engaged both the leg and hip muscles.
  • This injury has involved muscles that have given the boy problems in the past. There is nothing we can do about it, except wait for the evolution of the treatment cycle you are following and it will be resolved shortly.

You can already see the reason for the injury, if you are one of those who when you play, live it and practice sports, we recommend you take things calmly and not make sudden movements, lest you end up like this player and end up injured. The good part is that while you recover you can continue playing on your console.

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