Sony Xperia PRO, a 5G Smartphone for Content Creators

Sony Xperia PRO, a 5G Smartphone for Content Creators

Smartphones are now sufficiently sophisticated to take photos and videos on a daily basis in more than acceptable quality. But not necessarily sufficient for professionals.

Smartphone models are multiplying at high speed, with manufacturers sometimes releasing several each month. All range segments are obviously covered. On the high end, the camera modules are very advanced, obviously, but not necessarily enough to meet the needs of professional content creators. Sony propose answer to that precise target.

Sony unveils its Sony Xperia PRO smartphone

Sony has been in the smartphone market for many, many years, although its market share has fallen dramatically in recent years. That being said, it could be that the brand has decided to change direction by no longer focusing on the general public but on professionals, and more specifically professional content creators.

for professional content creators

Indeed, Sony has just formalized the Sony Xperia PRO. This is the latest smartphone to date from the brand, sold at a more than high price of $ 2,500. A very, very high price for a smartphone, especially since it does not have a foldable screen. But as said before, Sony is hoping that its spec sheet can make it very interesting in the eyes of content creators.

Why? First of all thanks to the integration of an HDMI port on the phone which allows photographers and videographers to directly connect their devices, such as the very recent Sony Alpha 1, to it. MmWave antennas are also present, to offer 5G connectivity to this smartphone, offering in particular the ability to broadcast live directly, upload to the cloud or to social networks at lightning speed – as long as you are in an area covered by 5G , obviously -.

Regarding the specifications in themselves of this Xperia PRO, it should be noted that the device is based on a Sony Xperia 1 II, which was launched in February 2020. In other words, it uses quite “old” components, such as the SoC Snapdragon 865. So this is a rather strange device, so to speak. Marketed in 2021 at such a price, we could expect it to ship a Snapdragon 888. It is not. The future will tell if this Sony Xperia PRO knows how to find its audience. To be continued !

Rachel Maga
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