I am Rada: Serendipity

Netflix released the trailer for the comedy special “I am Rada: Serendipity”

Netflix released the first trailer for Soy Rada: Serendipity , the comedy special that will hit the platform on May 27. “Serendipia” is the show in which Agustín “Soy Rada” Aristarán tells how he became one of the most prestigious comedians in Latin America.

Born in comedy and magic, and raised in music and the internet, Soy Rada matured and grew up to be an eclectic and original artist. From street theater and children’s music, it went on to have international recognition and more than 3 million followers on social networks. 

“Releasing Soy Rada: Serendipity on Netflix is ​​a very difficult feeling to describe, knowing that it will be present in more than 190 countries gives us dimension of how big the world is. Serendipity is a work that we did a lot live and the audience’s response was always one of gratitude. I recommend that they see it because it does well “ , comments the comedian.

“No path is linear in anyone’s life: there are shortcuts, there are labyrinths and chance is doing its part. Serendipity is a journey through that, because it allows you to reconcile with life as it is and find fortune in the most unexpected events. This is my second comedy special on Netflix and it is completely different, because I am different. I have a bigger team, a live band, a very different story and narrative structure, there is a lot of Standup and it is not a Standup show. There is magic and it is not a magic show, there is music and it is not a recital. It is difficult to describe “ , concludes the artist. 

Vineet Gupta
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