The half of the year is almost reached, and Netflix does not release the accelerator in terms of novelties. Again this month, the platform hosts a nice selection of programs that should delight fervent fans of animation, especially Japanese! A small selection of films, series, and anime come to decorate the catalog of the American giant of SVOD in this month of May 2022. If you are unable to see one of these shows where you are, then they may be region locked, so you might have to check out a vpn that works with Netflix and change your settings so you can watch these programs when possible.

Far from the ring road

In 2012, the two accomplices who are Ousmane Diakhité (Omar Sy) and François Monge (Laurent Lafitte) venture to the other side of the Parisian ring road – as the title of the film indicates – to carry out the investigation, on the side de Bobigny, on the death of the wife of an eminent boss of the CAC-40. Almost ten years later, the duo is reunited, reluctantly and for the time of a new investigation, within a production stamped Netflix which sends them to the side of the Alps in a small town, far from the Paris ring road.. To enhance its catalog with yet another film mixing action and comedy, the American streaming giant invokes the codes of ” buddy movie in a kind of French version of theFatal weapon. Even if a decade has passed, nothing has really changed for the two police officers who find themselves, without really expecting it, having to cooperate again on a much less complicated case. At least in appearance, because what was supposed to be just another investigation around a sordid murder and a simple deal case will quickly evolve into an explosive criminal scheme that will put them face to face with many dangers from which they will escape not without show humor. But while the duo will have to relearn how to team up, the arrival of a young inspector in the team (played by Izïa Higelin) will somewhat upset the dynamic between our two police officers, while spicing up their new adventures.

  • Available May 6
  • Watch Loin du Périph’ (by Louis Letterier, with Omar Sy and Laurent Lafitte) on Netflix

Final Fantasy VII : Advent Children

Faced with the immense success of the seventh opus of the Final Fantasy license, the opportunistic executives of Square Enix begin, in the mid-2000s, several projects with the idea of ​​​​expanding the universe in which evolve Cloud Strife and his band. Within what should be called ” Compilation of Final Fantasy VII », we find the said animated film in synthetic images which is the subject of this paragraph, namely Final Fantasy VII : Advent Children. After the oven Final Fantasy: Creatures of the Spirit at the box office, Square Enix does not wish to remain on a failure and intends to save the honor of the company by surfing on the wave of popularity of the number seven component. In this crossmedia project with a particular genesis — basically, the film was a technical demo of a good ten minutes full of potential which caught the eye of Yoshinori Kitase, who decided to make a feature film of it and put Tetsuya Nomura behind the camera —, we plunge back into the universe of Final Fantasy VII, two years after the cataclysmic events of the game in an unrecognizable city of Midgar where the population is eaten away by geostigmas, a strange disease caused by the insidious presence of Jenova within the river of life. Besides this disease, Cloud and others must fight against three new enemies (Kadaj, Loz and Yazoo) who want at all costs to organize the “Reunion” with their “Mother” in order to bring back to life one of the greatest antagonists that the game has. video has ever worn: the illustrious and charismatic Sephiroth.

  • Available May 14
  • Watch Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children on Netflix

Vampire in the Garden

Determined to strengthen, over the months, its offer in terms of animated films and series, Netflix has approached an actor who has largely proven himself in the industry, namely WIT Studio, and who made himself known thanks to the first three seasons of theAtta des Titansin season 1 of Vinland Sagaand for a host of other productions on behalf of the American SVOD giant such as Great Pretender or Bubblereleased a few days ago on the platform. With such an aura, WIT Studio is indeed in high demand — a new Pokémon series in the universe of Pokemon Legends: Arceus, baptized The Snows of Hisuiis coming very soon — and it is already returning to the platform with an original creation: Vampire in the Garden. On the sidelines of its release, the anime was unveiled for the time of a trailer to allow us to get to know Momo and Fine better, the two heroines of this production. The first of them is a human, living in a city ravaged by the horrors of war. One day, extremely unhappy, she drops a music box in her distress. In this object seemed to be prisoner a strange woman with long immaculate hair, a vampire named Fine. Noting that their respective peoples are torn apart, the two young women will become friends and set off together in search of Eden, a paradise, as its name suggests, where the two communities could live in peace.

  • Available May 16
  • Watch Vampire in the Garden on Netflix

Love, Death + Robots Vol. 3

You always dreamed of seeing David Fincher (Fight Club, Seven, Gone Girl, Mindhunter…) and Tim Miller (Deadpool) on a joint project, which is more animation? Netflix did. After a genesis dating back to the 2000s – it was initially a film – and financing difficulties, the American giant came to the rescue of the two directors to finally give life to this anthology to which it aspired so much. It was therefore in March 2019 that the project launched on the platform thanks to a first season with a large gallery of episodes. — there are eighteen of a more or less variable duration —, before returning, after a quick renewal of the project, for a season 2 much less provided than the first, but which had the merit of catching up with the mistakes of a first season with sawtooth ! The series, which has nevertheless won no less than 11 awards at the Emmy Awards, therefore has the difficult task of realizing its ambitions, which wanted to be one of the most creative, ambitious and qualitative projects in the catalog of the American giant. of SVOD. From May 20, get ready for even more robotic intrigue, love, violence and science fiction, and sometimes even all mixed up, in a batch of eight new episodes. Note, once again, that each episode is led by a different team and that – and this is a first – two of them will follow a plot developed in the first season.

Ghost in the Shell SAC_2045 (saison 2)

It didn’t take many volumes for Masamune Shirow’s work to make a lasting impression on avid manga readers as well as pop culture. Beyond the seven volumes, spread over three different publications, Ghost in the Shell has become all the more essential thanks to animation, whether it is the films of Mamoru Oshii or the three series released between 2002 and 2005. If, after the 2010s, the license was rather discreet despite the attempt by Rupert Sanders to make a live action film with Scarlett Johansson, the American SVOD giant showed particular interest in the prospect of relaunching the animated version of the manga on its platform. For this, Netflix obtains the rights to broadcast Kenji Kamiyama and Shinji Arakami’s new project taking place in sub-continuity Stand Alone Complex. The plot takes place in 2045, as its name “SAC_2045” suggests, 15 years after the events of the original series and is considered, in a way, as a third season. In these troubled times, Section 9 is no more – its last representatives now evolving under the name “Ghost” – and the world is totally unstable, divided between orchestrated conflicts to support the economy and civil wars. However, the former members of Section 9, such as Kusanagi and Batou, will find themselves under the leadership of Arakami to reform the group to investigate a strange conspiracy and the emergence of “Post Humans”. This season 2, also of 12 episodes, will continue the group’s investigations, while linking action scenes in 3D computer graphics and the revelations supposed to close the plot of SAC_2045.

Stranger Things (saison 4, part. 1)

Slightly sadistic on the edges, Netflix waited until the very end of May to deliver the sequel to one of its spearheads, namely Stranger Things. The platformer is finally back for a fourth season, after almost three years of waiting for the continuation of the adventures of Eleven and her gang, which have since grown a lot.. Unfortunately, the SVOD giant has not finished playing with our nerves since this season 4 will be divided into two parts (the other part being broadcast from July 1, 2022), constituting the penultimate act of the creation of the Duffer brothers which will lower the curtain in its fifth season. The previous succession of episodes had already set the tone by sporting an even more horrifying atmosphere, but season 4 aims to put the cursor a notch higher still. At least that is what the communication around Stranger Things, oscillating between chilling scenes and a darker plot than usual. In the last published excerpt, Netflix warned us about the great war that is brewing between the real world and The Upside Down (The Upside Down, swarming with horrible creatures, including even scarier ones), and adolescents will, once again, have a crucial role to play in this conflict. Even if, before that, they will have to meet – all being more or less dispatched between Hawkins and Los Angeles -, while Jim Hooper tries to understand what kind of prison he recently landed in view of the strange events taking place there.

It also comes out in May 2022

  • The Cheetah (1963) (by Luchino Visconti, with Alain Delon) May 1 on Netflix
  • La Haine (by Mathieu Kassovitz, with Vincent Cassel) May 1 on Netflix
  • Hippocrates (by Thomas Lilti, with Vincent Lacoste) on May 1 on Netflix
  • Venom (by Ruben Fleischer, with Tom Hardy) May 1 on Netflix
  • Clash of the Titans (by Louis Leterrier, with Liam Neeson) May 1 on Netflix
  • Clark (by Jonas Åkerlund, with Bill Skarsgård) on May 5 on Netflix
  • Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045 Sustainable War (Season 1, feature version) May 9 on Netflix
  • Detective Conan (Season 2) May 15 on Netflix
  • Widows (by Steve McQueen, with Viola Davis and Colin Farrell) on May 28 on Netflix

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