The Kissing Stand 3

Jacob Elordi declares his love to Joey King at the premiere of The Kissing Stand 3

Jacob Elordi and Joey King are the protagonists of The Kissing Stand who, in turn, were a couple in real life. Now, after two years apart, do they give themselves a second chance?

The chemistry of Jacob Elordi and Joey King in The Kissing Booth was undeniable. The movie, where they played Elle Evans and Noah Flynn respectively, had them cross paths for the first time. And, such was the bond that they reaped that their fictitious courtship became real, enchanting thousands of fans.

For a year, after the first Kissing Stand film , Jacob Elordi and King were the most wanted young couple in Hollywood. However, this romance was fleeting, and today the actors have taken separate paths when it comes to love. He, for his part, confirmed to be dating Kaia Gerber, while she is dating a young man named Steven Piet .

Even so, despite the fact that their relationship did not last long, Jacob and Joey demonstrated their professionalism also by being present in The Kissing Stand 2 and 3. The third film, which premiered today August 11, was the closing of this trilogy that enchanted thousands and, despite their estrangement, the interpreters met again.

Beyond the fact that they did not share many moments behind the scenes because, according to what turned out, they wanted to avoid each other, everything seemed to have been just speculation. The thing is, it was Elordi himself who confirmed that despite not being boyfriends, they continue to have a cordial relationship since they are co-workers.

This is because the Australian actor shared, through his Instagram stories, all the best moments he lived filming the movies and all eyes were taken by the photo and the message he left for his co-star. With a postcard from the first film, Elordi wrote: “ and a special (mention) to the star, Joey King. Thank you all ”, a phrase that he accompanied with a heart.

Although he did not speak at all about the courtship he had with King, Jacob Elordi once again drove his fans crazy with this show of affection. It is that, despite having been together in The Kissing Stand 2 and 3, they had never been seen exchanging messages outside the set, much less together.

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