Georgina Rodríguez, businesswoman, influencer and model, will present her reality series titled: Soy Georgina on Netflix.

A few weeks ago, they officially announced the reality of the multifaceted wife of the talented Manchester United footballer Cristiano Ronaldo: Georgina . With a short video and a glamorous Georgina modeling, this Tuesday, December 21, the premiere date was announced in which we will enjoy and learn more about the life of the mother, influencer, businesswoman, dancer and wife.

“You have seen it shine on the covers, the stories and the red carpets, but what happens behind it is going to dazzle you. #SoyGeorgina arrives on January 27 ”, Netflix published through its social networks. Also, in the teaser, Georgina is heard saying: “Many know my name, few know who I am.”

The 27-year-old Spanish model has a daughter with Cristiano Ronaldo and only recently both revealed that they are expecting twins . Now, the Netflix reality show promises to introduce us to Georgina behind social networks and spotlights

“We will live with her her day to day, her motherhood, her relationship with Cristiano Ronaldo, her travels, her parties… we will discover her true friends, her wishes and desires, her high and low moments. We will know who Georgina Rodríguez really is ”, details the streaming platform.

I’m Georgina will arrive on Netflix on Thursday, January 27, 2022 And, according to the Cosmopolitan medium, it will have six episodes in which we will live with Georgina Rodríguez, Cristiano Ronaldo and their children. We will enter your home, family and personal life.

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