Yaqoub Boushahri

Yaqoub Boushahri Being Accused of Money Laundering

Kuwaiti activist Yaqoub Boushahri topped Google Trends searches after being accused of money laundering , along with 10 other celebrities.

Kuwaiti activist Yaqoub Boushahri was keen to clarify the matter, accusing him of money laundering, which followed him for weeks, and ended with the Public Prosecution’s decision to seize his money and prevent him from traveling with a group of prominent Kuwaiti celebrities, through a video through his personal account in “Snapchat”.

During the video, Yaqoub Boushahri explained that he was pleased with the decision to transfer his case, accusing him of money laundering, to the judiciary. Because it is a good decision that distances him from suspicions and accusations and reveals the truth, and that the seizure of his money is a precautionary seizure that prevents him from disposing of it only.

The Kuwaiti activist added : “The judiciary will do justice to him and take his right, and that the document of innocence from the judiciary means more to him than the talk of followers and those who doubt his integrity,” noting that he is seeking to obtain judicial proof of his innocence in order to be associated with one of the girls.

He continued , ” Bushehri ” that the girl ‘s family

He intends to associate with her, but they refuse to marry him to their daughter because of the accusations that have recently pursued him, and that the innocence document will be a basis for him for the girl’s family to approve it.

Boushahri’s comment, whose name was included in the list of defendants, coincides with the comments of other celebrities whose names were included in the list of those accused of money laundering, who were subjected to a travel ban and the seizure of their money.

And Boushahri previously appeared a few days ago with another clip, in which he demanded the followers not to use and circulate in his name among the accused in the money laundering case , stressing that whoever uses his name will take his right from him in the judiciary.

In this context, the list of those accused of money laundering included, in addition to Boushahri, nine other celebrities, in addition to the “Boutiquet” company, all of whom were accused of laundering tens of millions after the Financial Investigation Unit submitted a complaint against them; After discovering that their bank accounts were inflated.

The local newspaper, Al-Jarida, had confirmed, quoting its sources that the value of Funds seized from celebrity accounts exceed 150 million Kuwaiti dinars.

Kuwaiti Yaqoub Bou Shehri shared his followers through his accounts on social media with several videos of the song “Bint Al Jeeran”, which topped the world’s second place on “SoundCloud” among the most listened to songs, by Egyptian festivals singer Hassan Shakoush, and his colleague Omar Kamal.

The following is the Wafd electronic portal that provides information about Yaqoub Boushehri:

1- Yaqoub Bou Shehri is one of the famous “Social Media” in the State of Kuwait.

2- His fame began through the “Snapchat” application, by chance, as he describes it, as he published several comic videos, which achieved widespread.

3- A portion of the advertising profits that he receives through his accounts shall be allocated to charitable and humanitarian works.

4- He participated in a number of advertisements in the State of Kuwait, and also received a number of representation offers and programs.

5- The rumor of marrying the Egyptian artist, Yasmine Sabry, followed him, but she denied her relationship with him, and he also denied that, explaining that he only had a working relationship with her.

6- He was subjected to intense attack and controversy after he reviewed, in one of his videos, his luxury cars.

7- He owns a large number of cars, including a Bentley Bentayga, whose price starts at $230,000, a number of Rolls-Royce cars, a 2019 Woody A6, and other cars.

8- He owns his own yacht called “Donzi”.

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