At the completion of almost four weeks of the war between Russia and Ukraine which has left destruction, deaths, injuries and millions of refugees, it is known that the Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov would be in Eastern European territory as part of the invading troops, led by the Russian president Vladimir Putin.

Kadyrov 45, is president of the Chechen Republic -a federal state of Russia- and a staunch supporter of Putin.

Human rights organizations such as Amnesty International have accused him of threatening to kill opponents in the Kremlin and committing another series of crimes against humanity.

In recent days he has been communicating with the late movements to Moscow through a channel of the messaging application Telegram -of Russian origin-. There he has more than a million subscribers.

It is known that he published a video a few kilometers from kyiv, the capital of Ukraine but it has not been possible to verify if the footage is real.

“Before we were about 20 kilometers from you, the kyiv Nazis, and now we are closer”mentioned Kadyrov, in statements quoted by the AFP agency. What’s more, he called on Ukrainian soldiers to surrender or “I will finish you off.”

The leader also reacted to the announcements of the United States to send more weapons to Ukraine to defend itself: “Beautiful, joyful and encouraging news coming out of Washington!”he noted on Telegram and stated that the weapons would be of great help to his fighters.

“We thought for a long time about how to encourage our boxers, but we did not expect the Americans to help with this,” he said and hinted that they will try to steal the weapons to continue the invasion.

Who is Ramzan Kadyrov?

The man has been in power for more than 15 years, following in his father’s footsteps Ajmat Kadýrovwho was only in the mandate of the Chechen Republic between 2003 and 2004 because he was assassinated.

That state has experienced extreme violence after the dissolution of the Soviet Union, because several wanted to become completely independent, but the Kremlin managed to stop the separation after bloody wars.

Kadyrov has been president of Chechnya since 2008. Photo next to Vladimir Putin. (Photo: AFP).

Even, the US State Department included Kadyrov on a list of people who commit human rights violations because there is information about his leadership of militias that silence all kinds of opponents with torture or extrajudicial executions.

“The United States has repeatedly raised concerns about reports of Kadyrov’s violations in public and in private. We have already imposed economic sanctions on Kadyrov and several of his associates, using multiple authorities”, the American authorities mentioned in July 2020.

His presence in Ukraine fuels fears of the cruelty of his actions. Through his Telegram channel he continually sends threats and applauds that, for example, the city of Mariúpol has suffered bombing.

”We are a people. No one can beat us!” she said in a message this week.

The war in Ukraine continues and leaves more than 14,000 Russian soldiers dead and more than a thousand Ukrainians dead, according to the report of local authorities.

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