Ayub Entezari, doctor of aerospace engineering, passed away last Tuesday under strange circumstances, as reported this Saturday by the Iranian press.

According to the Iranian press, there would be deaths after “eating poisoned food.” On Friday the Iranian press reported the death of a colonel from the Quds Force, the elite section of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard for military operations abroad. Two weeks ago another member of the Quds Force passed away.

Entezari was working in research in the city of Yazd developing missiles and drones. Professor Entezari, 35, is said to have worked in the field of aircraft engine and missile parts manufacturing at Pardis Aerospace Corporation in Yazd province, in the center of Iran.

Colonel Ali Esmailzadé died in an “incident at his home” in the city of Karaj, some 35 kilometers northwest of the capital, Tehran, according to the official Iranian news agency, IRNA, which denies he was killed.

Earlier, two unidentified individuals shot Colonel Hassan Sayed Jodaei while he was inside his car outside his home in Tehran. The five impacts caused his death.

Tehran blamed Israel for this death as on previous occasions when key scientists in Iran’s nuclear program have been killed.

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