The DJ is sincere with Patricia Conde and reveals that he spoke with Felipe VI’s father thanks to Bertín Osborne

Kiko Rivera goes from set to set. If last weekend we saw him in the “Save me Deluxe” talking about his family conflicts, yesterday he did it in the program “Nobody at the wheel”, which leads Patricia Conde at Movistar +. An interview in which Isabel Pantoja’s son told details of his life that were unknown until now, such as the phone call he had with King Juan Carlos.

During the program, they have asked him with whom he was the strangest comparison that they had made, and he did not hesitate: “With Corinna”. Patricia Conde wanted to know if he had ever met the King Emeritus, to which he replied that not yet in person but that he did “I have an anecdote.”

The son of the tonadillera has revealed that “when I was on Bertín Osborne’s program, the one on ‘my house is yours’, the next day I called Bertín to see how the interview had gone. It was then that he told me that he was with King Juan Carlos and handed him the phone so that I could speak with him. He told me that he had seen the interview, that he liked it very much, that he loved it and that he wanted to go out and have a drink with me. I said `the one that can be rolled if we go out to have a drink together‘”.

An unprecedented conversation that took place years ago and with plans that have not yet been fulfilled. Perhaps the return of Felipe VI’s father to Spain favors this situation at some point.

The DJ also spoke of his family conflicts, although in a less relaxed way than the weekend.

“My mother the moment I leave Cantora is Isabel Pantoja again. I send her a message to say that I would like to meet her alone, in a place to be in the sun because I have things to ask her. She says to me: ‘Ask me? I’ll have to ask you'” Kiko Rivera said.

He has made it clear that he continues to have the same problem with his mother and recognizes that it is difficult to reach an agreement with her despite the fact that there was a rapprochement after the death of his grandmother, Ana Martín.

To this day, the artist has confirmed that unfortunately the relationship between mother and son has cooled down again.

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