Victoria Abril, complex contestant of 'MasterChef': from her denial to her investments in France

Victoria Abril, complex contestant of ‘MasterChef’: from her denial to her investments in France

She is one of the most controversial faces of the culinary reality of TVE

Victoria April was one of the most controversial signings of this 6th edition of ‘MasterChef Celebrity’, and the truth is that her participation in the culinary reality is not being a bed of roses.

After her controversial denial statements about Covid and vaccines during the Feroz Awards press conference, last February, the actress is in the spotlight and her every move on the program is scrutinized.

The latest controversy starring in the kitchen has to do with Pedro Almodóvar, whom the actress dared to be honest with, who assured that “all directors like women at an age. He likes them at 30, and when you turn 40 it’s over,” she said.

Too bad he doesn’t even want to see me in painting,” April said, lamenting that it has been almost 30 years since she has been available for a movie. A few words that made the director of La Mancha feel bad and that he denied through his closest circle.

But beyond controversy, the actress recognized a month ago that her experience, which we are currently enjoying, in the program made her regain her mental health: “I have come out of the depression to which I was deeply gripped for a year or so. For me this has been the most important thing”.

Her life in France

Victoria Mérida Rojas made her film debut with a small role in “Robin and Marian” and soon managed to gain a foothold on the small and big screen, becoming one of the best Spanish actresses. And although it is the second Spanish that accumulates the most nominations for the Goya awards, since 1982 she lives in Paris, the city where she enjoys anonymity and prestige that has; but she longs for Spain.

She sought her life singing and in France she released two albums of bossa nova and French flamenco song with which she gave 500 concerts. A facet that did not finish curdling, but with which it does continue to triumph is that of a provocative actress on the red carpets, and that is that Victoria loves not to leave anyone indifferent with her outfits.

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