Vicente Fernández and Cuquita Abarca: a story of unconditional love

Vicente Fernández and Cuquita Abarca: a story of unconditional love

However, after the constant trips that Vicente Fernandez made to continue fighting for his dream of being a singer, he knew that he did not have enough time to dedicate it to his relationship, so he chose to tell Refugio that it was better to find another boyfriend because he was only going to take up his time.

But Vicente was surprised when, on one of his visits to the town, he found Cuquita Abarca with another young man at the door of the house. It was then that the interpreter knew that he could not wait any longer, much less miss the opportunity to be with that woman, so in his own way he told him to end it because the two of them were going to get married on December 27.

And so it was, Vicente Fernández and María del Refugio Abarca were married in 1963 in a simple ceremony, and from that moment on they never separated again.

“Since I got married I knew who I was going to marry and she also knew who she was going to marry, so, in four years we are going to be married for 60 years,” said the interpreter of ‘Por tu maldito amor’ in December 2019 during an interview with the journalist Mara Patricia Castañeda.

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