The presenter and model Daniella Álvarez told through her Instagram account, the uncomfortable moments she had to spend on her trip to Venice due to the limited infrastructure for mobilization with people with disabilities.

“Venice was not really easy at all. For a person with reduced mobility and her partner or family, it is better to think twice about going, “she said on the social network, in which she published what they had to go through with her boyfriend, actor Daniel Arenas, to get on a gondola.

However, not everything was bad, as she highlighted the importance of her partner, who is always there to support her, “but you are always there… thank you sweet love for giving me your hand to get me up every morning, for holding me when I have no balance, for think of every detail so that I am always safe, for multiplying your strength and energy, for your sacrifices, for loving me with what I have and what I don’t… I love you! you make me happy”.

Despite the cumbersome moments to move, the couple enjoyed a very romantic trip and the details that the actor has with the model have always been praised since they began their courtship.

The model’s publication was soon followed by her boyfriend’s message, which once again demonstrates the solidity of their relationship, “for those of us who live with GOD in our hearts and do everything with true Love, there will always be a path and the one that I chose to walk, carry, ride or sail with you, it was the one I always dreamed of. Love you”.

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