On the set of ‘Así es la vida’, the singer joins the presenter to talk about her role in the LGTBI Pride and her stance against homophobia.

The second program of ‘Así es la vida’ featured the appearance of singer Vanesa Martín, who had a very sincere conversation with host Sandra Barneda. During the interview, which served for the presentation of the album “Placeres y pecados”, Martin spoke clearly denounced homophobia: “That’s already very redneck,” he said.

A proclamation defined as “la leche”.

During the broadcast of the program, both women remembered with affection and admiration the recent proclamation delivered by Vanesa Martín in Seville in commemoration of the LGTBI Pride. The presenter, Sandra Barneda, praised the artist defining her words as “la leche”. Martín, for her part, shared her joy and the emotion she felt during the event, “I was very excited. It was clear to me that I wasn’t going to tiptoe around it. I think I wet myself in several areas and I was quite clear. It was a beautiful day,” she relived with enthusiasm.

The conversation became more intense when Sandra Barneda raised the issue of homophobia that still persists in our society today. Responding roundly, Vanesa Martín condemned the intolerant and stressed that the homophobic mentality is obsolete and closed. “To those intransigent people [I would say] that it’s very old-fashioned, it’s already very old. Everything is much simpler: respect, tolerance and freedom,” said the singer, who added that her music is aimed at “people with sensitivity and social commitment.”

The mysterious gift from Maxi Iglesias

During the interview, Barneda admitted to being a great admirer of Martín, whom she often listens to during her most intimate moments. Martín, always in a good mood, responded in a joking tone, generating laughter between the two.

As a final touch, the mysterious gift that actor Maxi Iglesias had left for Vanesa Martín in the first episode of the show was revealed. The surprise turned out to be a book of poems that the actor was reading, but decided to give it to the singer. Both Sandra Barneda and Vanesa Martín were surprised and delighted with the detail, creating an atmosphere of camaraderie and good humor.

This conversation between Sandra Barneda and Vanesa Martín on ‘Así es la vida’ made clear the importance of celebrating diversity and promoting tolerance and respect in society. So, while we wait for the next episodes of this new format, we are left with the reflection and the good time that both gave to the audience.

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