Two secrets you did not know about Rashel Díaz!

Two Secrets You Did Not Know About Rashel Díaz!

Cuban presenter Rashel Díaz decided to open up once more with her followers and reveal two important secrets of her personal life.

The former Telemundo host wanted to clarify to those who have a wrong idea of ​​her personality.

“I decided to write this post to clarify a couple of things about my personal life that people think and even assure are true, but are not actually true,” wrote the famous in her personal blog.

Rashel denied the rumors about a supposed surgery of his nose.

“Many believe that my nose is operated, and it is not true! I have never had an operation, “said the actress.

For her part, the dear presenter spoke about the parties and what people think about her attitude at these events.

“There are several people who believe that I love parties, noise, etc. And yes, I must clarify that I like parties, but those that I can do at home with my friends, or family gatherings. But those places where one cannot be close to people, have social relationships, or have a normal conversation, they are not to my liking. Or rather, it is what I choose least ”, he commented.

“The truth is that I prefer to be at home sharing, or at a friend’s house, because I know that in these types of meetings we can talk, exchange thoughts and opinions, and enjoy together,” he added.

How many surgeries does Rashel Díaz have on his body?

Cuban presenter Rashel Díaz looks radiant at 47, but many of her followers associate her beauty with cosmetic surgeries.

From her official page, the businesswoman also explained that she has no surgeries on her face or on her body. “I have always said that the moment I have to do it, that I may feel uncomfortable about how I look, of course I am going to do it,” he mentioned.

“I have always commented over and over again, that the only part in which I might want to do something to myself would be in the neck because of the lines that I have and that all of you have seen. I’ve said it repeatedly, it’s hereditary. The same thing happens to all the women in my family ”.

Rashel explained that whenever he asks his doctors for recommendations they assure him to wait.

However, the former host of A new day She confessed that she did increase her breasts after having her two children.

“I had my breasts done after having my daughter Daniela, that is, 16 years ago. In fact, I breastfed both of my children. And I was always known for having them very big ”.

“So, after breastfeeding Juan Daniel (my first son), why do I tell them where my breasts came from? And I must confess that it was something that made me very uncomfortable, “said the famous presenter with a laugh.

“Later, when I had Daniela, I decided that I wanted to have surgery, and I proceeded to have a reduction,” he said. Rashel assured that it is most likely that when “I do my neck, I also refresh my face. But, like I told you, I’m not ready for that. I’m going to hope to be at least 55 years old. ”

For now, the Cuban intends to continue injecting botox into the lines of her neck while waiting a few years to undergo surgery.

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