This is the reason for the breakup of Christian Gálvez and Almudena Cid

This is the reason for the breakup of Christian Gálvez and Almudena Cid

2021 said goodbye with one of the most unexpected ruptures in the world of cuore. The couple formed by Christian Gálvez and Almudena Cid decided to put an end to eleven years of marriage.

Although it seems that the existence of a third person has been ruled out as a reason for the separation, a source close to the presenter and the athlete points to “Jaleos” that “the routine has done a lot of damage and both have tried to the end, but they have not been able to”.

According to the same source, the final decision was made by the former gymnast. “There is always someone who takes the initiative and this time it has been like that. He has understood everything and knows that it is the right thing to do.”

Galvez and Cid continue to maintain an excellent relationship, “now Christian, Almu is grounded. And so it will continue to be despite the break. Realizing that they do not adore each other as before has been devastating, they have been dragged down by wear and tear,” says the same source.

In addition, it seems that the trigger for the separation could also be Almudena Cid’s constant refusal to become a mother, according to “La Noticia DIgital”, one of the greatest wishes of the popular presenter. Gálvez understood that during the period of time in which Almudena Cid has been professionally active the idea of ​​becoming parents was difficult, however, after her retirement, it did not seem that being a mother became the priority of the Vitorian.

According to various media, the presenter does not give up his dream of becoming a father one day, while Cid faces new television projects.

After knowing their separation, neither of them wanted to comment on it, but a few weeks ago the presenter broke his silence and sent a few words of gratitude and improvement through their social networks.

I am tremendously grateful for everything I have lived and learned so far”, began Christian Gálvez by pointing on his official Instagram account. Sources close to the presenter. “And now, little by little the illusion for all that remains for me to live and learn will settle in me,” he stressed.

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