They stop Rocío Flores on ‘The Ana Rosa Program’: “They don’t allow her to go there”

They stop Rocío Flores on ‘The Ana Rosa Program’: “They don’t allow her to go there”

The return of Rocío Carrasco to the small screen she has once again put part of his family in the spotlight, especially Rocío Flores, his daughter, with whom he has been in conflict for a decade. The focus has returned to directing her friction and the young woman is no longer silent. Now, the collaborator of ‘The Ana Rosa program’ she is very forceful against her mother and in his latest statements she has made it clear which side she is on. However, it seems that Jury’s granddaughter does not have an open letter to say everything she wants about the woman who gave him life.

Just like Antonio Rossi, journalist and companion of Rocío Flores in the morning of Telecinco, she pointed out in ‘Sábado Deluxe’, very clear limits have been set for the young woman that she cannot exceed when referring to her mother Rocío Carrasco. “Joaquín Prat even cut it, and there are things that are not allowed… There are things that nobody allows him in the program, nobody allows him to go around”, Sentenced the collaborator, making it clear that not everything goes on television.

In addition, Antonio Rossi highlighted the evident change that Rocío Flores has experienced since her arrival on the small screen. When she debuted as collaborator in ‘The Ana Rosa program’ she was shown as a shy girl and reluctant to pronounce on the family matters that surround her clan, but now she is much more direct and has no qualms when it comes to dotting the i’s. “The other day we were struck by the attitude of Rocío Flores, I talked about it with Sandra Aladro. I remembered what Rocío Carrasco said about the blonde girl with blue eyes who changed, even the rictus. She is another! Now just removing the voice…”, pointed out the journalist in ‘Saturday Deluxe’.

Of course, Antonio Rossi wanted to clarify that she has no problem with Rocío Flores and that she is a very nice young woman in short distances. “In the deal is a lovely girl”, she assured, thus making it clear that the young woman gets along wonderfully with most of her companions from ‘The Ana Rosa Program’.

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