They reveal the “darkest” personality of Belén Esteban

They reveal the “darkest” personality of Belén Esteban

Chari Lojo attacks her calling her “rude and uneducated”

The public image of Belén Esteban breaks into a thousand pieces after the shocking statements of Chari Lojo, the one who was a companion of the “princess of the Paracuellos flea market” in the third edition of “GH VIP”.

Their stay in the house was not at all friendly, and Chari qualifies as “Rude and uneducated” to that of San Blas, and adds that sharing with her certain moments became “torture. She is an egocentric woman.

“The victory of the collaborator of “Save me” in the contest was “unfair“, as well as her proclamation as the winner of “More than dance “, because she has no rhythm.”

Today the prison official assures that Esteban “boasts of her bad education and ignorance”. The funny thing about the case is that they have met some time after finishing the reality show and they smoothed out rough spots. They are not friends but the waters have returned to their course.

Chari decided to take a new direction in her life by taking a competitive examination as a prison officer, as she explained in an interview in “Outdoor”, and today she works in an Ibizan prison.

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