Tom Holland, the actor who gives life to Spiderman, withdraws from social networks. “I have decided to take a step back and delete the application,” he explains on his Instagram account. Although at the moment it does not seem that he closes his profile, what he has done is delete the app from his devices. And it doesn’t seem like it was an easy decision. Of course, he has plenty of reasons to do so. «There is a social stigma. Therefore, to recover his mental health, he has decided to temporarily rest from them and focus on his work and his personal life.

Tom Holland joins an innovative project to support the cause

It had been more than a month since Tom had published anything on his Instagram account, so his fans already imagined that something strange was happening. The truth is that he has taken advantage of “this super-brief return” to promote a charity of which he is a sponsor. This is Stem4, a program focused on improving psychological problems that he defines as “wonderful and innovative.” In Stem4, and supported by a one hundred percent professional website, four pioneering and free applications are brought together for those who want to use them: CalmHarm, to help regulate feelings caused by self-harm; ClearFear, which helps reduce anxiety symptoms; CombineMinds, which emerges as a tool for family and friends of people with mental health problems, and MoveMood, to stimulate the moods that cause these problems.

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Clear agenda and termination of his contract with Marvel

With this video, Holland closes the chapter on his favorite social networks to focus, first, on recovering the lost peace, and then, on his future professional projects. The last one, by the way, is The Crowded Room, the series that he is shooting in New York right now and that is precisely about real stories of people dealing with mental problems. Holland will play Danny Sullivan, and in the footage from the shoot he sports a mane with which he is unrecognizable. Also this year he presented Uncharted, the film that he made with Antonio Banderas and that revolutionized Jávea while it was being shot.

Of course, in this new stage of his life, the London actor, who has wanted to take things more calmly, will be surrounded by his family, his friends and his girlfriend, the actress and singer Zendaya, with whom he began a relationship while filming Spiderman against the opinion of the producer. With no projects related to the Marvel universe in sight and with an agenda that, for the moment, is quite clear when the shooting of The Crowded Room is finished, Tom will be able to enjoy a period of rest that he needs more than ever.

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