Just 48 hours before one of the most anticipated moments for many arrives during this atypical and surreal 2021, one of the most mediatic marriages of this year, Antonio David and Olga Moreno, faces comments about what they will do and if they will be together during the climax and the start of an uncertain 2022.

‘Globe Live Media’ has learned from sources of total solvency that they have spent Christmas Eve together in the company of their daughter together, little Lola.

On New Year’s Eve, if everything continues as planned and if the pandemic does not truncate established ideas, Olga, her daughter Lola, Rocío Flores, and the young man Antonio David Flores will kick off 2022 at the family home located in Malaga.

The presence of Antonio David is still a mystery for the protagonist himself, who is in Madrid at the moment.

Olga and Antonio David have in common three priorities that make them stay together on certain dates, their children. The relationship between them is not going through its best moment but above that is the well-being of the three people they love the most, and that is why the cordiality between them for that reason is a reality.

It should be noted that this newspaper has also learned that Olga Moreno will travel to Seville to be with part of her family: three of her sisters and her beloved mother. And she will not do it alone, but Lola, Rocío and Antonio David Flores will also be present with the family, whom they consider to be their own family for many years.

Antonio David himself said it a few months ago: “You have destroyed a marriage, but not the family.” That is why the family remains together on these special dates that mark so much, especially the little ones.

As far as Rocío Flores is concerned, this Thursday she went to her job as a collaborator of ‘El Programa de Ana Rosa’, where she was asked how the family had celebrated the first part of the Christmas holidays:

“Christmas, you have to spend it with whoever you want and feel comfortable with”, she began by saying. Without wanting to go into more details and avoiding to pronounce in depth, the influencer has not wanted to confirm if her father and Olga have been together on Christmas Eve, although they have done so on December 26 on the birthday of their only daughter in common, the little girl Lola.

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