This year that is now ending has seen the resurrection of the «jesulines», a family that never goes unnoticed, and that in the last twelve months it has been occupying the forefront of today for different reasons, some good, some bad, but all valid so that the Janeiro Campanario occupy the covers of magazines as in their best days.

The most positive news is starring Jesulín de Ubrique and his wife María José, who they are going to be parents again. “La Campa”, as it is popularly known, is three months pregnant with what will be her third child, they say she is waiting for a man who will be named Humberto, in tribute to his paternal grandfather, who died in August 2020.

It is a pregnancy with a certain risk, and not because of the age of the pregnant woman, 42 years, but because of the disease that the future mother suffers, fibromyalgia, a condition characterized by chronic pain Muscle-skeletal generalized.

According to health sources, part of the medication that María José takes could be incompatible with pregnancy, so it would have to be changed to avoid problems.

And if this couple surprises us with such happy news, Carmen Janeiro, sister and sister-in-law of the previous ones, broke her romantic relationship with her partner, the businessman Luis Masaveu, before the summer, although it seems that they could redirect the situation and they reconciled in September.

Carmen lives between Portugal, where Luis lives for professional reasons, and the Cadiz town of El Bosque, where her mother lives. Carmen Bazán, whose health has suffered this year.

She had to undergo hip surgery in early 2021, which advised a long convalescence, which is happening in Ambiciones, the farm owned by her son Jesulín. What’s more, a serious economic setback left her without her chalet in El Bosque, for not paying the mortgage. In the end, a bank took the property.

Juls new life

The eldest daughter of María José and Jesús burst into the world of hearts with force, after becoming emancipated and leaving the family home to settle in Madrid. Juls, as she calls herself on social networks, is being signified by the ease of changing boyfriend, three this year and all footballers.

The first, with whom she came to live under the same roof, was Brayan Mejía, a player from Aranjuez with which would end up confronted in a fight in the middle of the street.

Julia replaced him in her heart with Álex Balboa, who belongs to the Alavés squad. Almost overnight, she broke up with him and we saw her with who is her current sentimental partner, the Italian Getafe player, Tommy Rossi.

The bad tongues assure that Julia was unfaithful to Alex with Tommy. The Guinean found out and decided to separate from his girl for good. Apparently, Jesulín would not be entirely satisfied with the new life of his daughter, whom she would have asked to return to the family bosom, without success in her prayers.

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