The real Marta Riesco: all the times she spoke ill of Olga Moreno

The real Marta Riesco: all the times she spoke ill of Olga Moreno

Marta Riesco has become the character of the moment after her relationship with Antonio David is confirmed and that they are living together in a luxurious penthouse in Madrid.

The reporter from ‘El programa de Ana Rosa’ assured with sheepish eyes that she was in love with the man from Malaga, but refused to confirm the date on which their romance began, thus fueling the rumors that the former civil guard cheated on Olga Moreno with her.

Alessandro Lequio not only maintains this version, but has also confirmed that her fellow journalist put her partner’s still wife to broth.

Without my asking her anything, she spoke to me with extreme cruelty about Olga”, maintains the Italian aristocrat. Of course -and by all accounts-, Marta Riesco denies her colleague’s statements, but from ‘Socialité’ they have carried out an excellent newspaper archive job with which it can be verified that the reporter has dedicated unkind words to Brown in the past.

Marta Riesco has been critical of Olga Moreno in relation to their involvement in the family conflict that Rocío Carrasco maintains against her children and Antonio David Flores.

She has sat in the ‘Deluxe’ giving very specific information about the hospital and David Flores. One of Olga’s mistakes was making that ‘Deluxe’, and the way in which Olga Moreno narrated the events. Indeed, she did it for money”, sentenced the journalist in one of her interventions in ‘The Ana Rosa program’, drawing the Andalusian woman as a woman driven by economics.

In addition, Marta Riesco questioned the neutral role that Moreno claimed to take in the conflict: “I don’t believe this Olga who stays out of the family conflict”. According to ‘Socialité’, “Marta Riesco takes advantage of any moment to criticize Olga’s attitude and leave her haughty.”

As if all this were not enough, the reporter also charged Antonio David’s ex for her attitude with some colleagues:

I’m surprised that, after having entered the reality show and doing that special, I don’t answer my colleagues from the press. We can confirm that you like TV, even if you say you don’t. If you say you don’t like TV and then you go to ‘Survivors’. There are more jobs beyond TV where you can earn money.”

Bearing in mind that in her day she addressed Olga Moreno publicly in these terms, One wonders how she will do it when the cameras stop rolling.

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