One of the great mysteries in the life of Luis Miguel is his relationship with his brothers, especially with the youngest: Sergio, whom we can get to know more thanks to his appearance in the second season of the singer’s biographical series.

This new installment focuses on two very clear timelines in the life of Luis Miguel: the nineties and his life matures almost 15 years ago.


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The little “Sergiño” is a key character in the singer’s life and it is one of the enigmas that will be exposed from the first episode.

IMPORTANT: If you have not seen the first episode of Luis Miguel, the series is the time to abandon this content because it has many spoilers.

The name of Sergio Basteri appeared from the beginning of this new installment, when Luisito Rey’s mother and the interpreter fought for his custody.

According to the singer, his paternal family seeks to lead the little one to dabble in music and exploit him as they did with him.

“Stop talking about your childhood as if it had been a tragedy”, Matilde snapped to defend herself against her grandson’s accusations.

Luis Miguel finally threatens to take the case before the authorities to obtain full custody of the least of the Gallego Basteri.

And indeed, the interpreter began a legal process in Madrid, Spain, waiting to obtain full parental authority, but his fury was unleashed after he learned more about the fate of Marcela de Basteri.


Perhaps what bothered Luis Miguel the most was that his family took Sergio to a casting and later to sing live on a Spanish television program.

Both situations generate great emotion in the child, but not in his older siblings, who are aware of their grandmother’s intentions to obtain money at the expense of the infant’s labor.

In the presentation, promoted by the same uncle “Tito”, the little “Sergiño” interprets a song that Luis Miguel also sang in his childhood: There is a something.

After this situation, the singer and Álex Basteri make the decision to transfer the child to Mexico clandestinely and without the consent of Matilde or Tito.

Luis Miguel with his parents, Marcela Basteri and Luisito Rey

Luis Miguel with his parents, Marcela Basteri and Luisito Rey.

A similar event did occur in 1993, when Vicente Gallego, the brothers’ uncle, presented him to the world to perform a song by Luisito Rey. On that occasion the boy made strong statements in which he claimed that his older brother had forgotten about his own family.

Finally, Luis Miguel managed to recover his brother, although the guardianship was not in his name but in that of El Doc, a character we met from chapter one of the first season of Luis Miguel, the series and whose real name is Mario Octavio Fonseca.

Already in his mature life, Sergio distanced himself from Luis Miguel and even withdrew his family support, so the young man had to start work. Currently, he is an adult and lives in Madrid, as revealed by Maricarmen Gallego to Windowing.

Sergio is also the father of a girl and dedicates a large part of his life to his family, while working in a clothing store.

A photograph of Luis Miguel's brothers went viral in 2019, a good relationship is presumed. @ lucia_miranda13 / Instagram

A photograph of Luis Miguel’s brothers went viral in 2019, a good relationship is presumed.

During that same interview, The woman confessed that Luis Miguel’s uncle did plan to use the minor to obtain money from Luis Miguel.

“Mario came who wanted to keep it (to Sergio) because they wanted to do the trick to Luis Miguel to send money and that was when Luis Miguel found out and took him to Mexico because he did not like that they used his brother,” he said.

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