The nice anecdote of Ana María Aldón and her young son:

The nice anecdote of Ana María Aldón and her young son: “I spent the fatal night”

Ana María Aldón began to be known for her relationship with Ortega Cano, but as a result of her participation in ‘Survivors 2020′, the Andalusian has made her own name in the gossip press.

In addition, now she collaborates regularly in ‘Viva la vida’ and little by little she leaves also positioning herself as an influencer. The designer has more than 140,000 followers on her Instagram profile, with whom she shares the best moments of her day-to-day life or funny anecdotes like the one she has just narrated.

I have spent the fatal night”, has begun by announcing the talk show host.

Apparently, Ana Maria Aldon went to bed late in the morning because she was studying late, and although she had hoped to take advantage of Saturday morning to sleep, her little son has interrupted her plans.

At 7:15 in the morning the boy woke up because he was nervous because he had a game”, recounted Ortega Cano’s wife, who has barely been able to sleep four hours.

But the anecdote does not end here, and it is that when they have arrived at the soccer field, the youngest of the family has once again made mischief with his mother.

“When we arrived I told him: ‘Come on José, give me a kiss, good luck to you!’, and I went to him and he was looking at me with eyes that were going to pop out of his head. I tell him, ‘What’s up? What have I done wrong? What did I say?’, and he replies: ‘Don’t overdo it either, mommy.’ I don’t understand anything, he’s not nine years old yet”, she explained.

Ana María Aldón, who shuffles the idea that her son was embarrassed to ask her for a kiss in front of his teammates.

In any case, the day has ended in the most satisfactory way for the youngest of the Ortega-Aldón family, since his team has won the football game with nine goals against two, of which he has scored four.

The great absentee seems to have been Ortega Cano, which has not appeared at any time in the publications of Ana María Aldón. The bullfighter drools over his little son, so if you missed your soccer game, you sure had a good reason.

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