The message of optimism that unites Sara Carbonero and Pilar Rubio

The message of optimism that unites Sara Carbonero and Pilar Rubio

Both have agreed when dressing with a clear message

For the first time, Pilar Rubio and Sara carbonero coincide when it comes to wearing the same garment. The two have opted for the same earth-colored sweatshirt, from the firm Sandro Paris and which has a clear message in English engraved on it, “Hope”. A word that totally defines what we all hope for in times of pandemic, the hope that the coronavirus will be eradicated forever.

Curiously, Pilar and Sara are not characterized by opting for the same style of clothing, but the sweatshirt of yore is the exception that proves the rule. Of course, both set trends with everything they wear.

They have hundreds of thousands of followers on social networks and with this they become the best image for any fashion brand. It would not be the first time that one of them is exhibited with a garment in the networks, which sells out in hours in the stores.

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