The only thing she shares with the two stars is the amount of cosmetic surgery she has undergone

Someone should open the eyes of Leticia Sabater so that she will put the arrogance aside and forget about absurd boasting. The last, comparing herself to Tina Turner and Cher and predict that it will become a world myth.

In that, they can become the competition perfectly.

Although Tina and Cher, unlike Leti, no longer have to prove anything in the world of song, they summon crowds in her concerts, something that the Spanish, for now, has not achieved yet,

And speaking of physique, Leticia is a box of surprises. A few days ago she said that her body is a matter of study at an American university.

And it is that, with so much cosmetic surgery accumulated, it is not surprising that it is a reason for analysis. Of course, as fanciful as it is, it should provide evidence to prove its words.

The question is to stay in the spotlight so as not to go unnoticed. She does not resign herself to being in the background. Her best time is over and longing makes her fool herself with her fantasies.

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