The house where Marta Riesco, Antonio David Flores live together

The house where Marta Riesco, Antonio David Flores live together

The bombshell of the week in the world of the heart is given by Lecturas magazine, which ensures that Antonio David Flores already resides at Marta Riesco’s house, thus confirming that the rumors of the existence of a sentimental relationship, which emerged months ago, are true.

Although the couple tries to go unnoticed, going in and out separately, and not making a public life, to spend Christmas in Malaga with their family, the former civil guard has settled in Marta’s house.

Camouflaged with a cap, a mask and a hood, Antonio David has been photographed leaving the journalist’s apartment, where they have begun their coexistence. Until now, the former Civil Guard resided at the domicile of his lawyers during his long stays in Madrid.

The inputs and outputs of Antonio David Flores to the floor of the journalist and collaborator of “It’s already 8”, published exclusively by the magazine Lecturas, confirm what was an open secret:

“Marta Riesco is the new partner of Antonio David Flores. But also, according to Lecturas, they already live in the small and charming apartment that the journalist has in the capital of Spain and in which we have been able to enter virtually.”

This is the house of Marta Riesco that she shares with Olga Moreno’s ex

Thanks to her growing popularity, the young woman has managed to decorate her apartment with furniture from some brands that she sponsors on her social networks, which has allowed us to know what the home is like in which she now lives with David Flores.

Although, the apartment is not very big, it is very bright and the color white prevails, which gives it greater amplitude. In the living room has a lounge chair with white folding skin, perfect for spending hours watching television, an activity to which, due to her work, she spends a good part of the day.

The white Berber-style carpet and a small gold designer table. The touch of blue to the living room is concentrated in the blue velvet cushions and gold accents.

The bedroom is dominated by a double bed, on the sides of which there are small white tables that collide with the wall, which allows us to get an idea of ​​its limited space. The only note of color in this room is provided by the headboard, in an intense purple color.

Another of the rooms that thanks to their networks we have been able to see is the dining room, composed of a table for four people, and where you like to receive your friends. Of course, she prefers to order food outside, so it seems that cooking is not one of her hobbies.

The large mirror that one of the walls of the dining room reveals some decoration details, such as the pictures that hang on its walls: still lifes and landscapes that break the minimalism that prevails in her home.

Much of the decor, except for trade-offs, is from Ikea. Three months ago, the beautiful editor uploaded a photo of the Nordic decoration giant’s warehouse to her social networks, accompanied by a revealing text: “Redecorating my life.” In the cart, some plants, a welcome home mat and other decorative products.

In one of her last posts, a day ago, Marta uploaded a video in which she promoted the artificial grass that she has placed on her terrace and in which her pet could be seen playing.

So we know that, although the apartment is small, it has a large terrace where the couple can enjoy the sun or dinners and meals outdoors, since there is a table with three chairs.

Antonio David shares Marta’s home with his pet

But, in addition to Antonio David, there is another tenant in Marta’s home: Tomás. As we saw in the last video, Marta loves her dog, who has lived with her for a year. He was until now the great love of the journalist and the recipient of her caresses and pampering.

It is a young, medium-sized, chocolate-colored poodle that was given to Marta in the middle of the pandemic. The journalist herself presented it, in January 2021, on the networks to her audience with a photo and a text that shows the love she feels for her pet:

“There is no tomorrow in which Tomás does not wake me up. He knocks on the door with his paws to get me to open it (on weekends he doesn’t calculate well and he wakes me up at 8 in the morning. Thanks) and he runs up to my bed. It snuggles into my body and stays fried. I melt. Without a doubt, it is one of my favorite moments of the day and here where you see him he has just turned one year old. He came home a day after telling me that he had already overcome the Covid. Now with this cold I only think that I wish all the dogs had a little bed in which to snuggle. Goodnight everyone!”

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