The health problem of Himar González after reporting from the La Palma volcano

The health problem of Himar González after reporting from the La Palma volcano

The Antena3 meteorologist tells the consequences of inhaling ash dust and gases

Like other colleagues, Himar González traveled to La Palma to report from there on the evolution of the eruption of the Cumbre Vieja volcano. But after eight days broadcasting from the island, the Antena3 meteorologist has told on Instagram the serious consequences she is suffering.

As revealed on Instagram, Himar has suffered an inflammation in the respiratory tract due to the occasional inhalation of ash dust and gases, which forced her to rest in bed for four difficult days.

Now, once recovered, the meteorologist has published a post on the social network in which she clarifies that “it is my duty to communicate that I’m good”.

“It is not worrisome, nor has it been, at all, a serious matter beyond the inflammation itself in the respiratory tract that caused me the punctual inhalation of ash dust and gases. 4 days in bed somewhat annoyed, following the good recommendations of my doctor and now almost as good as new,” she says.

“Today I have been able to travel back to my land. And to finish off the remains that I have left, nothing better than a morning bath in my ocean, and then breathing fresh air in the countryside. Now yes, I can say, my first ‘summer vacation’ begins. THANK YOU for your messages and good wishes. It has only been a tiny anecdote of the day to day”, in this way Himar González reassures her followers about her state of health and appreciates the expressions of affection received in these difficult days of recovery.

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