The beautiful businesswoman and singer Chiquis Rivera would decide to surprise her fan Dani by going to her birthday party, brightening her day and causing her to smile with happiness, and she would share this experience on her social networks.

In a reel on Instagram she would decide to share the eldest daughter of Jenni Rivera How did this idea of ​​​​attending Dani’s birthday come about and it is that she mentioned that in networks she saw that in her invitation it was theme of Chiquis Rivera even stating that she would be a “special guest” said fact would fill her heart with tenderness that the idea of ​​taking a plane from Los Angeles to Guadalajara would occur to her.

And so it was, she arrived in Guadalajara, she recorded the entire process, from his arrival to the moment in which she appears, because at the exact moment in which she makes an appearance in his direction when the video is most exciting, you can see to the interpreter of “Queen bee” with a beautiful floral decoration and a great gift that awaits Dani.

To the tune of “I am the one in fashion”In the background you can see the whole adventure, since in the beautiful header that the artist wrote you can see the satisfaction she feels at being able to return a little of what her fans give her, she wrote:

“My Boss Bees give me so much that when I get the chance I do my best to show them how much they mean to me.
Yesterday it was my Boss Bee’s turn @danychavira2
@bossbeenation I LOVE YOU!! They are the best in the world!!! Thank you for so much love, thank you for existing.”

Her fans responded to Chiquis’s beautiful words with even more beautiful words, because they called her an excellent human and applauded the tender gesture that she had for Dani, since when she saw the artist make an appearance she could not believe it in her face expressed that disbelief and happiness that made her smile.

Chiquis Rivera

Chiquis Rivera

Many photographs were taken and it shows that they had a very good time together, everything was documented in the reel that the singer shared, in which many of her followers told her that they would also like her to attend their birthday parties to be able to have that closeness she had with Dani.

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