Michelle Rodríguez

The actress Michelle Rodríguez shared some good tips to raise self-esteem

For the actress of Michelle Rodríguez, one of the most important tips is: “Stop comparing ourselves to others is something that will make us recognize who we are”
The actress and comedian Michelle Rodriguez confesses three tips that she applies to her life to raise your self-esteem and fight against stereotypes, in addition to sharing her life and experiences in the autobiographical series “La Flor más Bella” (Netflix), which premieres on the platform , a project that she hopes will help many to embrace differences.

“I think that throughout my life I have learned that I am different, and that it is ‘dad’. I am very grateful to reach this point in life where I can now share it through a series, which has a protagonist who looks like me, who has many concerns that are not always what the family would like you to be.

What did your family tell you about telling your life in a series?

We talked and I told them ‘this is based on my life’, inspired by my life and it also has a bit of fiction; so they are very happy, even though they lived with that teenager, seeing it from the outside always gives you a much clearer vision.

What is behind Michelle Rodríguez’s smile?

Sometimes discovering that we are not what others want is complicated, but when you learn to embrace it and walk from where you are, that’s it.
“I think that behind Michelle Rodríguez’s smile there is a lot of emotion, and a lot of illusion of conquering the world.”

What three tips could you give to those who have low self-esteem to raise it?

Stop having a hard time and ‘whipping’ (exaggerate) with everything and take things personally. I think it’s a great tip to start having much more self-esteem. Stop comparing ourselves to others is something that will make us recognize who we are.

“Acknowledging and applauding who we are is definitely going to take us by the hand, it’s like embracing ourselves.”

What do you still have to work on yourself?

Although I know that I am beautiful and that I am valuable and that I am loved by myself and by many people, there are days when I suffer from not seeing myself as others or as what they say is beautiful.
“There are days! And I think that what is still hardest for me is to trust myself. There are days when I say ‘I think not, Michel. You’re fooling everyone, hahaha!’”

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