Teresa Bueyes confirms that she will legally represent Marta Riesco

Teresa Bueyes confirms that she will legally represent Marta Riesco

Marta Riesco has become an absolute protagonist of the pink press after confirming what was an open secret: her romantic relationship with the husband of Olga Moreno, with whom, according to “Readings”, she already lives in his penthouse in Madrid.

The discovery of her clandestine relationship with one of the most reviled characters of recent times, the former son-in-law of Dew Sworn, is taking its toll on the image of the reporter.

Totally overwhelmed by the situation, and very sad, she has asked for a few days off from the programs where she works as a reporter and collaborator. According to one of her Unicor colleagues, Ana Rosa Quintana’s producer, Marta has communicated that “she is ill” and “has not come to work.”

Joaquín Prat questions the editor’s behavior

The reporter feels every time that she has less support. In fact, the same day she was absent from her job, she received a slap from Joaquín Prat, who did not hesitate to make the comments she made off the set ugly: “What are we playing?” her boss told her from the social room.

The presenter has uncovered the double language of the journalist and has told her that “it is better that you tell everything than that you tell it in the corridors because some of us do not want to know these things and we do not tell them, but there are others who do and maybe they count. So the ball gets bigger and bigger.”

What are we playing at, not making the ball bigger or making it bigger and bigger? I say this to situate myself and to know what I can or cannot tell”, Joaquín sentenced emphatically, exposing his partner.

Overwhelmed by the situation and very sad

The young reporter of “The Ana Rosa Program” doesn’t know how to deal with the scandal of which she is an active part and, in addition to taking refuge at home, she has put herself in the hands of the well-known lawyer Theresa Oxen.

The lawyer will be in charge of suing all those people who violate her privacy, image or her honor and put a stop to the bleeding of information that is coming to light in her own chain, both from her past and her present.

With the only company of Tomás, her pet, Marta does not detach herself from the television or her mobile phone, that allows her to be in contact with Antonio David, who is still in Malaga with her family, and her friends.

But in addition to the information and criticism raining down on her from Telecinco, the harshness of the attacks she receives on social networks have led her to take a drastic decision: disable comments on their social networks.

Teresa Bueyes, on behalf of Marta Riesco, begins the legal offensive

From absolute happiness to the bitterest tears not even a week has passed. Ana Rosa Quintana’s reporter, who acknowledged being in love with the father of Rocio Flores, is living through hell and has decided to curb criticism with a legal offensive directed by the media lawyer Teresa Bueyes.

Anabel Pantoja with a fringed jacket.
Anabel Pantoja with a fringed jacket.

According to Informalia, Riesco is preparing several lawsuits and one of them is addressed to Anabel Pantoja that ahe has recounted on her return to Save Me Diario what happened on New Year’s Eve 2018 at the Isabel Pantoja estate.

Isa Pi’s cousin confirms the alleged lesbian relationship that several friends of Ana Rosa’s collaborator had on a sofa, as assured Kathi Amores, who has also been sued.

They are not the only ones who will have to answer in court: Isabel Ávila, one of the women with whom Antonio David cheated on Olga years ago and those who accuse her of having sold the news of the separation of the marriage, are at the point Martha’s look.

Teresa Bueyes
Teresa Bueyes

GLM has contacted Teresa Bueyes who tells us that “she cannot talk about anything because the client forbids me and I owe it to professional secrecy” confirming, at least, that she works for the new partner of Antonio David Flores.

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