Tania Medina, emergency evacuated in “Survivors”

Tania Medina, emergency evacuated in “Survivors”

Tanya Medina has had to be evacuated from “Survivors” after suffering a health problem. After living one of the most beautiful moments of the “reality” after having proposed to her boyfriend, Alejandro, Tania has received a severe blow. The doctor of the program has decided that the canary must remain under observation after presenting a high fever, nausea and cramps.

In the images shown by the organization of the program, Tania writhes in pain through tears. «So you can’t be here«, Kiko Matamoros told him while he touched her forehead to check that it was burning.

In a live connection with the contestant during the debate presented by Ion Aramendi, Tania showed her impotence at having to be on a stretcher waiting for the doctors’ decision about whether or not to continue her contest. «I am strong in mind, but in body not so much. I have a bit of frustration. I want to think that I’ll be fine soon”, he affirmed before knowing the medical diagnosis. The presenter of the debate conveyed to the contestant that she could not return to her classmates due to the risk of dehydration since she is not yet able to tolerate any food, neither solid nor liquid. «It has been decided that you should stay away from the adventure until the treatment is consolidated.. At the moment, you cannot return to the beach with your companions », she communicated. Tania accepted the decision and she breathed easy for not having to abandon the adventure.

“Sometimes even if you think you are fine, you have to rest. Only the doctors will decide whether to continue or not and it will always be with your well-being in mind,” Aramendi assured. the canary She did not want the organization to tell her partner about her state of health so as not to worry him and not harm you.

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