Tamara Falcó: “Of course I see myself married to Iñigo Onieva”

Tamara Falcó: “Of course I see myself married to Iñigo Onieva”

In one of the best moments of her life at all levels, Tamara Falco welcomes us radiantly to talk about her book: «The recipes from my mother’s house». She is dark and very pretty with hardly any makeup; reminds me a lot of Isabel preysler, but, personally, I find it more attractive with that good mix that the Griñón house gives.

She arrived yesterday from the Maldives after spending a week in paradise to enjoy an idyllic vacation with her mother at Soneva Jani, a super luxurious resort made up of 46 luxury villas with different capacities and services, with a crystal-clear lagoon, bordered by islands. with virgin beaches and covered with exuberant vegetation.

How are you? The last time I interviewed her she had just won “MasterChef” and now she is presenting her first cookbook.

Who was going to say this to me two years ago, when I didn’t even know how to fry a fried egg! The idea for the book came from confinement, with so much time to eat.

Talking with my sister Ana, we realized that there were recipes that we always ate at home that we had forgotten, and since my grandmother lost her recipe book during a move, we did not want the same to happen to us and we got down to business. construction site.

And what is your favorite recipe from the book?

The potato omelette and the breaded filet. I always feel like it! I like it with onion and I never reheat it in the micro so it doesn’t set. I like the weather.

And Isabel Preysler’s?

The chocolate cake. My mother has a sweet tooth and she likes sweets, but especially chocolate, which devours it. Just yesterday she was on the plane with four bars of dark chocolate in her bag. He always says that he could not live without American discoveries: the potato, the chocolate, the tomato …

Is there a favorite recipe of your father, Carlos Falcó, in the book? Any wink?

No, this is a book of recipes from my mother’s house that we have always eaten. The meals at my father’s house are very different and they have for another book. There would be a lot of hunting, a lot of La Mancha tradition, a lot of vegetables …

Does your mother ever cook?

Never in the life. He does not like anything, but instead he loves to eat well and has always been on top of the cooks at home. She is great at organizing and managing everything and the menus have always been made by my mother. She also likes the table and presentation is always very important to her.

Now that Vargas Llosa is at home, have you been encouraged to prepare dishes based on the gastronomy of Peru?

No! We were preparing a ceviche and Mario asked us please not to do it again. It is as if you go to India and they want to make you a gazpacho and it is like a kind of water with a tomato that was passing by there.

If you come home one day and are very tired, do you cook or order food at home?

I shoot Glovo more and more because it is amazing how many good places there are and the food so delicious you can order. I love Daviz Muñoz’s DiverXo and the entrecote Paris that comes with potatoes and salad.

And do you include any recipe in the book suitable for your wedding treat?

No, these are home recipes and for my link I would do something “more important” and elaborate. I love haute cuisine and I value it very much.

Do you look married? Where do you envision your wedding? Here next door in Los Jerónimos, for example?

Sure, but not in Los Jerónimos but in some hermitage in Plasencia, in El Rincón, in places where my family has married.

With Íñigo Onieva?

Of course I see myself married to Íñigo! If not, I would not be with him, I would not waste my time. I am in a wonderful time that is the courtship, and I do not want to skip it for anything in the world. We are enjoying this stage very much and I am not changing it for anything.

And what is he like?

He is very enjoyable, very nice, affectionate, easy-going, sociable… An all-rounder! Everything is going well for him and, in addition, he loves the potato omelette with onion.

I see her very in love …

Yes, yes I am. Increasingly. I have missed it a lot these days in Maldives.

Would you like to have children?

Of course! I would love to start a family God willing. It is very important to choose a good father for your children because it is for life.

What are your work projects?

Until December, fulfill all my advertising commitments. In addition, I continue with “El Hormiguero” on Antena 3 and in January I begin my training as a pastry chef at Le Cordon Bleu.

It’s very close to your birthday, what do you ask for at 40?

Plus? I am not able to ask for anything, but to thank life for so much. My mother tells me that 40 is a very good age for women, they are also preparing a wonderful party for me.

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