Millions of families around the world come together on these dates to celebrate Christmas. In the case of the Preysler-Falcó it has not been different and almost all the members of this media clan have returned home from various parts of the world to be together on Christmas Eve.

Chabeli Iglesias, Enrique Iglesias and Ana Boyer have visited their mother, Isabel Preysler, and her partner, Mario Vargas Llosa, also accompanied by their respective, Christian Altaba, Anna Kournikova and Fernando Verdasco.

They have not missed this appointment either: Julio José Iglesias, recently divorced from Charisse Verhaert, and the nephew of the Philippine socialite, Álvaro Castillejo Preysler.

Of course, Tamara Falcó has also been present at this beautiful family reunion, although she has been the only one who has broken with the custom of going with her partner.

Even if she has been dating Íñigo Onieva for more than a year and their relationship seems to be going from strength to strength, the nightlife entrepreneur has been left out of the Christmas meeting of one of the most popular clans in Spain and the rest of the world, and everything seems to indicate that she has preferred to enjoy these Easter holidays surrounded by her own loved ones.

It was in the celebration of the 40th birthday of Tamara Falcó when Íñigo Onieva showed himself as one of the family of Tamara Falcó. However, Isabel Preysler surprised with an unexpected comment to the press, assuring that her daughter “don’t need to get married” with the businessman when asked about the alleged nuptials.

In any case, Tamara Falcó and Íñigo Onieva have enjoyed a few beautiful days as a couple prior to Christmas Eve. The couple has traveled to the south of Spain and has succumbed to the charms of Granada and its famous Alhambra, as they have shown in their social networks.

Lavish Christmas

How could it be otherwise, elegance has been the main protagonist of the Preysler-Falcó Easter festivities. The family has gathered in an imposing mansion whose entrance was presided over by a giant Christmas tree full of presents placed as if it were a decoration magazine image.

The matriarch has taken care of every detail and has shown once again that no one can beat the hostess.

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