Sara Gómez died, a victim of a “carnage” in a liposculpture

Sara Gómez died, a victim of a “carnage” in a liposculpture

Sara Gómez underwent cosmetic surgery, but ended up with very serious injuries that led to her death.

Sara Gómez was a Spanish real estate agent and she was 39 years old.

Sara Gómez , the 39-year-old Spanish woman who suffered serious injuries to multiple organs as a result of an aesthetic surgical intervention that she underwent on December 2 in Cartagena, Murcia, died this Saturday, January 1 at the Santa Lucía General Hospital. , where she was hospitalized.

She had been in intensive care for 29 days, allegedly for injuries caused by medical malpractice. For this reason, the family of this real estate agent denounced that she had suffered “a carnage” and took legal action. “she fought until her last breath,” said Ezequiel, Sara’s former partner and a family spokesman.  

The family’s lawyer, Ignacio Martínez, confirmed to Europa Press that he will file a complaint with the Court that is handling the case for reckless homicide against the doctor who operated on her.

Depending on the result of the investigation, “we will see if it is extended to other people,” said Martínez, who also advanced that the hospital center “is interested” in requesting a judicial autopsy so that the reason for the death “is proven.”

The family has already filed a complaint with the Public Prosecutor’s Office for an alleged crime of professional reckless injury after the young woman suffered damage to numerous organs – kidneys, liver, colon, intestine and duodenum , among others – during liposculpture .  

According to the first complaint, filed while the woman was in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), the operation, for which she paid 5,700 euros through two transfers, involved general anesthesia and lasted about five hours. After that time, the doctor informed the girl’s companion that the intervention had gone well, but she had lost a large amount of fluids and blood, which was stabilizing her.

Three hours later, the doctor conveyed to the companion the decision to transfer the girl to the Santa Lucía General Hospital “as a method of prevention.” However, the clinical history of this last hospital complex indicates that the woman was admitted “in hypovolemic shock and in a situation of extreme gravity”, for which she had to be operated on urgently.

In the diagnosis of women, among other findings resulting from the intervention, various damages such as fecaloid and biliary peritonitis, ascending colon ischemic necrosis, multiple intestinal perforations, duodenal perforation, abdominal wall necrosis, liver lacerations, retroperitoneal abscess and contained evisceration appear . It is, according to the lawyer, traumas “more typical of the result of a brawl with a knife.”

In the first complaint, the Prosecutor’s Office was also urged that both the doctor and the anesthetist provide all the documentation that proves their professional training, as well as biological samples for toxicological analysis for possible drug use.

The case of Sara Gómez is the one that raised the greatest debate between the medical profession and users of beauty clinics because the doctor who carried out Sara’s liposculpture is a cardiovascular surgeon , without the five-year specialty of Plastic, Reconstructive and Surgery. Esthetic

There had been so many expressions of support that Sara’s family had received that this week they created the Facebook group: ‘ La Voz de Sara’. The objective was to denounce other negligence in plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine, which occurred in Spain, as well as to offer advice to those affected. In just a few days it already had more than 3,900 members. 

What is a liposculpture

Liposculpture is a technique that removes fatty deposits through cannulas that are inserted into the body through which the fat is aspirated. On many occasions, the words liposuction and liposculpture tend to be used synonymously, but it is not entirely correct.

The main difference between both aesthetic treatments is that liposuction (which uses the same technique of inserting the cannula and subsequent aspiration of the fat) is indicated for large accumulations of fat, while liposculpture focuses on small parts of the body where deposits Fat spoils the figure, such as the double chin, the arms, although it can also attack larger areas.

Today, for example, lasers are used to remove fat from small areas. The heat of the light emitted by the device dissolves the fat and this is extracted through a much finer cannula than in traditional liposuction or even by means of a syringe.

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