Sara Carbonero, Kiki Morente, and their 'secret' date that Iker Casillas will not like too much

Sara Carbonero, Kiki Morente, and their ‘secret’ date that Iker Casillas will not like too much

The journalist and the artist have been caught in a restaurant in the capital where she went when she was married to the former soccer player.

The magazine ‘Semana’ publishes on the cover the most sought after images of the couple of the moment: Sara Carbonero and Kiki morente. The couple have enjoyed a romantic date in Madrid as shown in the exclusive photos in this publication.

In these snapshots, the couple exudes complicity after an evening in a restaurant located in Madrid to which, by the way, she came when she was married to Iker Casillas, as the aforementioned publication points out.

The couple consolidates their relationship by leaps and bounds with these images, which show that their love is going from strength to strength and that there is nothing true in the information that insisted on a distancing from the couple, more united every day.

Will Sara now confirm her courtship with Kiki? The journalist is always very jealous of her most intimate facet, and this is demonstrated by her concise (although friendly) responses in the presence of the media, who just a few days ago asked her how her heart was, to which she replied: “Happy and excited”.

An image is worth a thousand words and this is confirmed by the cover of the magazine ‘Semana’, in charge of denying the supposed rumors of separation that have surrounded the couple almost from the beginning.

More than two months have passed since this same header that today has the photographs on the cover published exclusively the news of the relationship between Sara Carbonero and Kiki Morente. Vicky, a friend of both, was in charge of presenting them, and since then love has already arisen.

With regard to the percussionist, it should be noted that he has not handled the media pressure quite well during the past summer months, although, nevertheless, the brother of Star Morente assured a few weeks ago that he and Sara “were getting carried away”.

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