Sara Carbonero and her message about love that points to Kiki Morente

Sara Carbonero and her message about love that points to Kiki Morente

The presenter has shared a beautiful reflection through her social networks

The relationship between Sara carbonero and Kiki Morente continues to give a lot to talk about. Although neither of them has confirmed that they go out together, the clues leave no room for doubt and from the circle closest to the couple it slides that both “are very happy” since they decided to join their paths.

“Long live love!” exclaimed Estrella Morente when the press asked her about the alleged romance between her brother and the radio host. Meanwhile, the protagonists prefer to maintain their usual discretion and they didn’t even allow the paparazzi to capture their images in their last meeting.

However, it seems that little by little they are accepting the inevitable and each time they hide their love less. In fact, Sara Carbonero has surprised her more than three million followers today with a beautiful message about love and music that inevitably recalls her incipient romance with Kiki Morente for his profession as a singer.

Music and love are the only elements that can heal any wound”, she begins by saying the paragraph hse has shared from ‘The girl with the pose’, a book by Holden Centeno. “It is impossible for music to exist if there is no love for it, and it is impossible for there to be love if there is no music within it,” the excerpt continues.

Fortunately for her, it seems that Sara Carbonero has plenty of love and music to recover from her past wounds, and it is Kiki Morente who gives her these elements twice.

The presenter is thus in one of the best moments of her life, not only because of her relationship with the singer, but also because of the professional advances she has made in the last days.

‘Let the dance follow’, the section she presented on Radio Marca, has just become its own program conducted by herself that will be broadcast on Thursdays at 3:00 p.m. A complete success that sweetens even more this beautiful stage that it is going through.

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