Sandra, “the Girafona” of Betty, the ugly one, in her worst moment: her silicones burst

Sandra, “the Girafona” of Betty, the ugly one, in her worst moment: her silicones burst

The actress of “Betty, the ugly” expressed through social networks that since December she has been carrying this problem and that she is looking for a surgeon to operate on her.

Marcela Posada became known in “Yo soy Betty, la fea” thanks to her performance by Sandra Patiño , a friend of the protagonist. The 1999 novel catapulted her to fame, however, today the actress has health difficulties.

Many of the soap opera fans had lost track of her, but now she is back in the news due to a health problem that has her very worried. According to what he told on social networks, in December the silicones exploded, and due to the pandemic they still could not operate it.

“I’m looking for a surgeon who will take the trouble to free me from that little problem,” she expressed anguished. The discomfort is unbearable and you are also in permanent risk, since it could bring you complications.

In her Instagram account, Marcela also exposes some stories so that her followers know more about her. Days ago she revealed that she was bullied at school, as she was considered “the palest, the ugliest and the worst dressed.”

“People who bully others is because they really have a lot of psychological problems on top of them. You have to pretend that they do not exist, they are invisible, they have a scratch on their heads, they are wrong, “he said.

After “Yo soy Betty” , Posada excelled in other television productions, as Poor Paul, Ecomoda, In the heels of Eva, who love to Mary? 5 Widows Loose, Perfect Lies, Emergency Room and The End of Paradise.

What happened to the life of Dora Cadavid, actress of “I am Betty, la fea”

Those fans of the soap opera Yo soy Betty, la fea , will remember the beloved Inesita, the seamstress who worked alongside Hugo Lombardi, the designer of the company where the story takes place. The woman was also one of the members of the “ugly barracks”, along with Sofía, Sandra , Mariana, Berta, Aura María and Beatriz Pinzón Solano herself. 22 years after the success of the fiction, the present of the actress Dora Cadavid is bleak, and everything is due to a family tragedy that forced her to end up in a nursing home.

As reported by TN, in 2012, his only son Moisés Cadavid – also an actor – died of pancreatic cancer. At that time, he had traveled to Barranquilla with his wife and son to promote a play, but in the middle of the press, he broke down. After spending several days in the hospital, her family reported the sad news and her mother was devastated, as well as alone.

For some months, Dora was in the care of her daughter-in-law, until one day she decided not to “punish her anymore” with such responsibility and asked to be left in a nursing home.

“We were living in La Calera and then we began to travel throughout Colombia. When we reached a final destination, I think it was Cúcuta, I told them that I no longer wanted to continue traveling. My nieces were very worried that I was living alone. One with his age should not be alone anywhere and I do not want to be a burden to anyone, “he said during an interview with Channel 1.

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