Salma Hayek enjoyed in the company of Tom Cruise, complicated dinner

Salma Hayek enjoyed in the company of Tom Cruise

The life of a movie superstar has unexpected complications, which although these are already “daily bread” for the famous Mexican actress Salma Hayek, sometimes they continue to catch her by surprise, taking control out of her hands. Such was the case of her last dinner with the also actor Tom Cruise.

Through her verified Instagram account, the actress from the film ‘From Dusk Till Dawn’ was sharing a series of photos and videos taken on the night of July 16, when both celebrities met to enjoy an evening together in one of the most exclusive restaurants in the city of London.

In the first image, they can be seen leaving the establishment surrounded by fans and paparazzi who wanted their attention for a few seconds. Given the massive number of people Salma Hayek and the protagonist of the tape ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ were somewhat misplaced, because they did not expect the news of their meeting to spread so fast.

Although not many details are known about it apart from what was mentioned by the actress herself, it is well known that Tom Cruise has a very close relationship with Salma Hayek for almost two decades, when in 2006 the beautiful Mexican participated in the movie ‘Ask the Wind’, which is a production of the actor.

For this reason, it is not surprising to see the two together in an environment outside of strictly work. In the posted videos, a couple of videos recorded by the interpreter of ‘Frida’ were also included, in which she showed her immense affection and gratitude to their fans with many smiles.

Boasting of his enviable friendship with Tom Cruise, the Mexican left a legend in the description of the post, alluding to the consequences of going out in the company of the star without being prepared. It reads in Spanish and English:

When you invite your friend Tom to dinner.”

In the last of the clips, a more intimate scene can be seen, in which the kitchen staff greeted the camera Salma Hayek with great enthusiasm, happy to have the opportunity to meet the Latin icon up close. In the comments section, messages could be read envying those present at the restaurant.

“Did you get to eat?”, “My God, give them a break, people….”, “You are both extremely attractive”, “Where were you guys? I also want to meet you (both!) someday”, “He’s the best, he never says no for a picture!”, “Where are all the people who should be around you wanting pictures with you? You’re amazing too,” it can be read.

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