Ruth Lorenzo, the artist who was afraid to succeed

Ruth Lorenzo, the artist who was afraid to succeed

Despite her apparent security, the artist Ruth Lorenzo admits to having times when everything around her seemed to shake. In a sincere interview for Europa Press, the artist acknowledges having overcome fear and being in a phase of empowerment and acceptance.

However, for two years, from 2018 until the arrival of the pandemic, the singer learned to know herself better thanks to a series of personal obstacles that clicked in her mind.

“I broke up with everything, with my manager, with my partner, with my house, with everything, with absolutely everything.”

Part of the blame for this ups and downs lay with the happy 35-year-old crisis, in which her world “began to spin” and she came face to face with maturity, the one “that makes you see things much more calmly.”

In “Crisálida” her latest work is shown “more reinforced, with a lot of artistic coherence, with a lot of sensitivity, but full of strength, which is something that characterizes me a lot”.

Ruth Lorenzo, one of the most talented artists in the country, as she demonstrated with her ninth place in the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest. However, her musical career has been complicated since then. Despite the support of hundreds of fans, it is more common to see her as a guest or judge on television sets than acting.

For this reason, these days, the artist uploaded a video to her Instagram profile in which she acknowledged being stuck with her professional future.

Ruth Lorenzo, 39 years old, was born in Las Torres de Cotillas. She is the fifth of six siblings. Her mother had just separated and was trying to start from scratch. She was about to have an abortion in France, after breaking up with her partner, but on the train she met two missionaries who explained to her that “God was with her.”

And she got off the car and there she began to practice Mormonism, an unusual movement for a middle-class family from Murcia. For Ruz Lorenzo, this religion served “to keep me away from drugs,” she said in an interview for “Traveling with Chester.” And she also discovered “the value of family.”

She never knew her biological father. It was as a result of that absence that the problems began. Traumas, eating disorders, insecurities. All hand in hand with an education marked by the Mormon religion. Later she began to make her first steps in music, Factor X2, her fame, her time in Eurovision, until today.

Ruth went from growing up in Murcia to living in Utah with her family and had just found out that the man she grew up with was not her biological father. A “trauma” that permeated the artist and was leading to eating problems. Anorexia that turned into bulimia marked her forever.

“I started to stop eating. When it began to be noticed at home, I learned to vomit”, she recounted in that interview for the Cuatro space. So many emotions took such a toll on her that, over time and through therapy, she has discovered that it was a way of “torturing oneself so as not to show that pain to others”.

She lived through all this “ordeal” alone, without anyone in her family noticing.

“It made me feel very alone. I couldn’t say anything, I was embarrassed”. It was a way of protecting her mother, who “had had enough in her life”. An exchange of roles in which the daughter protects the mother.

It wasn’t until she was 25, when she came to London to take part in “The X Factor”, that she realized what it was like to truly succeed, something she had always feared, returned to Spain and Eurovision gave her a chance. That “Dancing in the rain” from Copenhagen placed it in the ninth position of the Festival.

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