Rosalía surprises by looking like a “schoolgirl”

Rosalía surprises by looking like a “schoolgirl”

She is barely 28 years old and the “Motomami” Spaniard, Rosalía, has become a great figure in the music scene. Her bold, uninhibited and urban style is causing a stir not only because of her songs, but because she also shares her best photos, in which she shows that she is not only talented but also a beautiful woman.
The music star Rosalía always innovates and highlights her outfits with versatile ideas that reflect her strength, her risky side, without forgetting her femininity.

Like a ‘schoolgirl’ is what she looks like in her new social media post, “The most Motomami”, This is how Rosalía described herself in her photos, in which we see her wearing clothes in gray tones. A short skirt and a large sweater make up this outfit, with which she looks like a beautiful, current and modern young woman.

In her photos, Rosalía looks younger than she is, she radiates beauty and sighs in a torn gray mini skirt with a blue print of figures, pleated like the preppy style, or ‘schoolgirl’ in this case, this type skirt gives it a rebellious and rock touch.

The gray sweater that she matches her mini skirt with is thick and has the figure of a cat printed on the back. Rosalía wears this buttoned-up garment, since she is not wearing anything else under it, which denotes her side as a seductive woman.

Like a true ‘schoolgirl’, the interpreter of “With height” complemented her outfit using a hairstyle with two high pigtails with a parting in the middle, on trend and very summery, and without jewelry. A simple outfit, but that highlights all the beauty of this young singer, who also sports a slender and molded figure.

Being so young, Rosalía has the luxury of wearing simple makeup, with soft melon eyeshadow and pink lips, which gives her an air of a relaxed, yet powerful outfit.

Rosalia was released on February 10, 2017, when she released his debut album, entitled “The Angels”, composed of 12 songs. Since then, the Spanish has been increasing her fame, popularity and has become a recognized star in international music.

Proof of this is that this 2022 she released her third musical album, which he titled: Motomami. This album has been around in several countries due to the new style and sounds it presents and with which Rosalía will start a world tour on July 6 of this year and which will end in December.

Another event where Rosalia brightness’ this year was the 2022 Met Gala, which she attended looking enchanting in a pearly Givenchy dress, mermaid cut, with tulle sleeves and embroidered rhinestones, which she wore with high boots and hair tied in a bun, very modern and avant-garde.

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