Rosa López's viral reflection on social networks:

Rosa López’s viral reflection on social networks: “Are these the filters that youth use?”

The singer has shared a video highly applauded by her Instagram followers

Seriously? These are the filters that youth wear today?“, starts Rosa Lopez saying in a video posted on Instagram in which she shows her face with filters, “it’s incredible, we all like to look good, but from there to change our features, makeup changes a lot, in fact.”

A reflection that the singer has wanted to share with her followers and that has quickly gone viral.

Rosa López has accompanied the post with the following text: “It is very important to feel good, we all go there. Wow, how difficult it must be for today’s youth to find each other, and relativize. I think about it a lot, I also learn a lot, because of course no one is saved on this subject. We all want to look and feel good, like and provoke that “engagement” to get more hearts. It happens to all of us. And even out of curiosity you fall! and it is that after these hard years, that we forget, and we have returned to live from the outside to the inside instead of the inside to the outside. And it is that whatever life coordinate you have, first of all, the most urgent thing is to work on this type of thing”.

I think it would be very interesting to put emotional, physical and mental health as a subject in schools, also from home. I think it is urgent. It makes my hair stand on end to think that we will be in the hands of very smart little people and prepared to create a very viral world YES, but not vital. Maybe I’m thinking too much about these things today one Sunday afternoon, missing seeing my people, maybe! But I would love to know what you think about it. What do you think is cool about this era and what things do you think are negatively transcendent?”, Writes the Granada-born singer.

A reflection that has achieved almost 7,000 likes and hundreds of comments that applaud the words of the former winner of Operación Triunfo.

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