The family of ‘the largest’ is once again in the spotlight as a result of the premiere of the tribute that its first-born carried out by the hand of The TV Factory. The program has rescued from the past old quarrels and rumors that always persecuted the clan, like those gossip that pointed to a alleged bad relationship between Ortega Cano and Rocío Jurado in the last years of their marriage.

Although Rosa Benito has been close to the bullfighter for some time now, pulling the newspaper library have found some harsh statements from the gathering that they showed a certain anger towards the one from Cartagena.

What’s more, Rosa Benito, in her day, threw a cable to Rocío Carrasco and assured that it was she who paid the very high debt that was generated in the Houston hospital where her mother was treated, destining to cover this hole the part of the inheritance that corresponded to him after the sale of the house in La Moraleja.

It is a testimony that now charges interest again, especially taking into account the warnings that have circulated in recent days about the existence of alleged documents of the ‘greatest’ that could leave her widower in a very bad place.

Aunt and niece, closer to peace

Although in her day she seemed to defend her, Rosa Benito has been the most critical of Rocío Carrasco in recent times. However, it seems that little by little the waters are returning to their course and Amador Mohedano’s ex-wife has recently been open to a reconciliation.

In fact, sang the forty to Marta Riesco and he pulled out his claws for his niece when the journalist pointed out that he had not paid the pension that was due to his son David. Now, these newspaper archive images in which the gathering appears showing her face for Carrasco do nothing more than facilitate a future reconciliation.

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