Rocío Flores: “The door with my mother is closed”

Rocío Flores: “The door with my mother is closed”

This morning Rocío Flores went to the member club of “El Programa de Ana Rosa”, where she usually works as a collaborator, to “face” the statements her mother made yesterday in the same space.

Rocio Carrasco stated that she was not mentally prepared to face a change in her relationship with her children and decided “set aside” Rocío Flores so as not to hurt her any more, “because I know all this hurts”. In addition, she pointed out that no door opens or closes between them, simply “there is a door.”

For her part, Rocío Flores has confessed to Joaquín Prat, visibly affected, that her mother’s statements yesterday “they don’t change anything. I didn’t expect anything different either. I hoped that he would have left me aside from minute one” and added convinced that “the door will remain closed.”

On a possible reconciliation between mother and daughter, Ro stated that “I keep in mind that there will be no reconciliation for years, and less so now with the issuance of the docuseries.”

At various times in the interview, Joaquín Prat wanted to cut the dialogue to prevent Rocío Flores from feeling bad. But, the collaborator, who has insisted on continuing to answer the programs, has highlighted that the only positive thing that she could rescue from Rocío Carrasco’s words was that”

“I want them to let me breathe. I’m tired of crying now and under pressure that I’ve hit rock bottom. I would like to be respected. I want to think about myself and my health. In addition, I suffer not only for myself, but also for my two brothers who hurt me a lot.”

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