The meeting took place a week ago, according to the magazine “Lecturas”

According to the magazine “Lecturas”, Rocío Flores met last Thursday with the CEO of Mediaset, Paolo Vasile, to demand that the chain not link it in the information that the chain gives about the separation of her father, Antonio David Flores, with Olga Moreno.

Since the announcement of her breaking off, the former television collaborator has been involved in a media circus that his daughter wants to avoid.

Rocío asked that the chain not talk about her, that they detach her from the news and Marta Riesco. He did not want to be the ‘consentidora’ of this alleged infidelity of his father with his friend, the same one who had organized his birthday days before,” a source from the young woman’s environment assures the magazine.

“She cannot bear that Olga believe for a moment that she has betrayed her and she also does not want to look bad in front of her followers,” add the same sources.

And they add that “it is striking that Rocío meets with the great boss and does not deny the separation that separates her father and Olga. She takes it for granted, she only worries about not looking bad with Olga or with public opinion”.

Very affected by the news, Rocío Flores has opted for silence and neither confirms nor denies the information, although on some occasion she has implied that the former civil guard is being held in Malaga.

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