Robbie Williams will have a Biopic and these are the first details

Robbie Williams will have a Biopic and these are the first details

The biopic will focus on exploring the experiences that have made Robbie Williams the artist he is today, according to the Deadline portal, without forgetting the addiction problems that he dragged on for years.

The person in charge of directing the film will be Michael Gracey, responsible for the musical ‘The Greatest Showman’, and unlike the next biopic about David Bowie, who has not obtained the rights to use the songs of the late musician at the wish of his family, Robbie’s biopic will include his most famous songs, such as the romantic ballad ‘Angels’.

“I want to do it in a really original way,” the filmmaker revealed to the aforementioned medium.

“I remember going to the movies as a child and there were movies that would blow my mind and make me think as I sat in the room: ‘I’ve never seen anything like this before.’ I want the audience to have that same feeling. It is very important that, When you look at the story, think about just that. All I can say is that the approach is top secret, but the goal is to generate that feeling that I just described.”

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